I recently bought a Spider Valve 112 MKII and was thinking of getting into home recording. I was advised on the Line 6 forums to go for a Line 6 UX1 but have recently been offered a pair of new Alesis M1 Active 320 USB monitors at a very good price. Does anyone have any experience of using these? I was thinking of going from my Line 6 SV direct out in to one of the 1/4 inch line inputs on the monitors using an XLR to mono 1/4 inch jack assuming this would be the best way...but tbh I'm not sure.

The downside of using the monitors over the UX1 would be that I couldn't go direct into the PC bypassing my amp if I wanted to and just use pod farm for my effects. But the upside is that on playback I would have a set of decent monitors rather that PC speakers.

What would you do? UX1 or Alesis M1's?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Thanks TechnicolorType. I appreciate your input and see what you're saying but in effect the Alesis monitors would be doing the same job as the UX1. Except playback would be better as they are monitors. I've no experience of using either hence my first question. The UX1 is designed for use with guitars but I'm not sure how the Alesis monitors would handle it.
Oh, I'm sorry.
By USB I figured they just hooked up via USB. I didn't realize they functioned as an interface as well.
I sort of skimmed over the second half of your post.
When I saw you talking about a 1/4 jack, I assumed you were mentioning using a 1/4 to 1/8 jack. (since I didn't think you'd have an interface otherwise)
in which case line-in isn't going to give you the same quality as an interface.

buuut they work as an interface so that's a completely different story.
I know nothing about those, but Alesis is a pretty good brand.

I'd consider it, but they are rather cheap.
I know price doesn't determine the quality of a piece of equipment.. but it's hard to not let it.

If I were you I would personally save up/ spend about twice the price and get both some monitors and an interface.
It's just hard to trust both in the same deal for 90 dollars. And it seems that usually interfaces incorporated into other equipment isn't all that great.

..actually if I were you I would personally return the Line 6 Spider..
Thanks for you help...lol at your Spider Valve comments!

I'm actually pretty pleased with it.