I'm getting this used Jackson RR3 today at my local guitar center. The description says that there is a chip in the top fin. Now I have two questions: Do they most likely mean wood chip, or paint chip? And, Which fin is the upper fin? I would think that it is the shorter one but I do not know. Here's a link of the guitar:

It's about the sixth or seventh one down. I did notice that the ones on the website new are about $900 but they have a floyd rose of some sort. Does anyone know what year this is?
I would imagine its the larger one, you know, the one at the top of guitar when you play it.

looks like its had the shit modded out of it and I would personally stay away from it, it looks more like a JS to me as I cant recall any RR3 with a hard tail bridge and I cant quite tell if they are SD which are standard on the RR3 too.

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Well, I'm assuming it's a 24 fret guitar with a FR system. That would like make it a JS, and so maybe late 90's would be the year you're looking at.

Personally I wouldn't go for something like that. Looks like someone used it as a test guitar for his mods.
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Thanks, I heard that an RR3 model of some year had a standard hard tail bridge so I think it's a legit RR3. I called a guy at the store and he said that the pickups were Duncans, so that's cool. He didn't know what the mods on the guitar were though. Hopefully it's not a piece of crap in a diamond shell.