i have only been playing for 4 months and i dont play many songs. most of the time i play video game music. thats just what i like to play. should i explore new music or get better at what i like? its just im starting to get board with playing and i play less and less. i feel the music is ether too hard or too easy. i have a hard time sitting down and doing the work that is needed. i only play for fun and im losing the fun. what do you find fun to play?
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no wonder your getting board with your guitar, your playing video game music..........
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no wonder your getting board with your guitar, your playing video game music..........

Have you ever played The Legend of Zelda? That midi is amazing!
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yeah definitely play different stuff. as for what to play, that's entirely up to you! try learning some simple acoustic songs, they're always a good standard! try play a few different genres, blues, rock, metal (jazz and classical need a better foundation to play but you could give some o the easy ones a go) and just see what you find fun!
the thing is my knowlege about those genres are very limited. the game music is something I know very well. i spent alot more time playing games than i ever had leasoning to the radio and rap doesnt count.
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Play music you like. if you can't find music that you like..... do something else.

suggestion.... guitar oriented music is a good place to start. Rock, metal, blues.......ect.
lots of choices.
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Just listen to more music. I could reccomend stuff for you but that would be my musical taste, not yours.

A lot of videogamers (yes im going to generalise the whole demographic here) tend to like heavy metal, and I see bands like powerglove doing metal covers of videogame music and stuff like that. They tend to include very fast guitar playing and the like, if youre into that check out Protest The Hero.

Just listen to a lot of stuff and find what you like. Then see if you like playing that stuff.

Dont forget to check out soul and blues music - just cause it aint new doesnt mean it aint cool. A few years ago I wathch ed the Blues Brothers and changed my musical life.

In terms of guitar playing Paul Gilbert is one of my idols, you should check his stuff out.

But yeah its hard for anyone to tell you what to play, they'll just tell you thier own musical tastes (as I just did), you really need to listen to a lot of music and see what you enjoy.

If I were to give one practical piece of advice it would be to seek out good guitar teacher. Even if you just wanna play the Mario theme your teacher should be able to judge exactly where you are technically and give you material of the right difficulty to practice that will develop your skills. He should also be able to motivate you to keep practising.

And being an experienced musician he should be able to suggest stuff for you to listen to, but again that will just be from his musical tastes, weather you embrace that or not is up to you.
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You need to start actively listening to music and appreciating the guitar parts in it and then you'll learn to enjoy playing it
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Have you ever played The Legend of Zelda? That midi is amazing!

Word. In my opinion Ocarina of Time is just about the best score in existence. I find video game music is very underrated usually; Koji Kondo writes better music than many "serious" composers.
Hydra150 is right...seek out a good music teacher. One that doesn't want you to play their style or else. Tinker around and find something that sounds good to your ears
Well most computer game music has classical influences, perhaps classical may be something that interests you.

Otherwise just start from the start like the rest of us - chords and scales.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.