Hey all, about a couple of years ago I bought a 1965 Selmer zodiac (all valve, point to point wired) for bout 200£
The thing has some crackly switches and doesn't have it's original speakers, but has a gorgeous warm vox-esque tone to it, as well as a superb valve tremolo which I would go as far as to say knocks the pants off my fender twin's vibrato!

Basically just wondering what the thing might be worth if anyone has an idea seeing as I'm now mostly using the twin and got it for cheap in the first place?
probably not a gold mine, but maybe you could make a few bucks.

non-original speakers doesn't help your cause but you never know.
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Wow, that 64 really looks like something, I imagine it's in far better condition than mine.
Mine is actually the next generation , as seen on this page:


Altho yea, suspected the speakers would be hurting my cause..

But you can still get lots of money out of it, even if it's not $6000. It still is a great sounding (judging from what you said) ptp hand wired tube amp from the '60s. Isn't that what a lot of people want? And you should be able to tell if it's in better condition from the pics, I'm not sure if you noticed the photobucket link at the end. And that amp isn't completely original either, so I'm sure you could easily get a lot of money out of it (I obviously can't tell you how much, I've never seen your amp and I'm not an expert on these amps, this is the first time I've heard of them). I wouldn't worry if it's a year newer or not, it's still a cool looking amp. They are also very rare amps, so that adds value too.