Hey guys,
I was over at my buddy's house the weekend and he had this guitar just sitting around and it looked and played beautifully...however I was too drunk to remember the fine details of the guitar lol.
After hours of googling and finding nothing, maybe you guys can help me. I'll try and remember everything about it

Its a Fender...with a yellowish Tele body (but no tele name on the headstock) which leads me to believe its a Nocaster. All the Nocaster photos I found didn't look like it all, and I think I saw a "Made in K...." so I think its made in Korea?. It didn't have the Custom Shop logo at the back. The inlays were kind of pearl-ish, and the neck(which is maple) was finished a little differently. It had Seymour Duncan pups, and the serial number started with a "01...." I think...lol

That's all I can remember, some of the details could be wrong (probably the serial lol). Any input would be great. Thanks!!!
My friend knows nothing about the guitar..or guitars in general. His sister bought that guitar for her ex like a long time ago, and now its just laying there...

I'm pretty sure his sister wouldn't remember anything about it either, since it was a while back, and she isn't like into guitars and such.
As for pics...I can't get any, I went back home (Kingston Ontario to Toronto Ontario) for the weekend, so I really don't have access to it
This is it, but in white.
The lack of the Telecaster name totally threw me off. Thanks man! This would have bugged me for a very long time lol