Hi there!

I have experienced some major problems with two different programs:

Audacity 1.3.12 (Mac) and GarageBand 11. I've been trying to record my guitar with these two programs through Guitar Rig 4. Let me describe the problem for each of them.


I have installed the VST plug-in so it can use the Guitar Rig 4 effects. I record my guitar in Audacity, no problem so far. It's recorded clean, through an M-audio Fast Track. The problem occurs when I try to apply the Guitar Rig 4 effects and Audacity actually converts the track but then, when it finishes, my recording disappears and I get no sound at all.

GarageBand 11

I can record everything just fine with the Guitar Rig 4 effects. I save it. The problem occurs when I re-open my saved tracks and want to edit them or listen to them. The program crashes due to some Guitar Rig 4 plugin.

Anyone experienced the above mentioned bugs? Do you have any suggestions? Any hints are welcome.

Thank you!
Dump Audacity. Visit NI's website for help on GR4 in Garageband
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Actually, I just upgraded Garageband and the problem still persists. Although I have tried to record something new and this time I can open it and edit it without problem. It keeps crashing when I open the old stuff though. Things I did differently this time:

- Only recorded one track (in the old recordings I had several guitars)
- Instead of Guitar Rig 4 FX, I chose Guitar Rig 4 MFX as the effect.

I don't know if any of these had any impact on the earlier crashes. I'll check NI's website for help.

Thanks guys!