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I know the vocals aren't always tight, and aren't always EQd right, but it was pretty much just a joke that sounded better than expected =)
oh, and the abusive auto-tune is there on purpose to fit with the mood of the original song
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Super dry vocals yo. Reverb and delay much? Do you even want someone to crit this? You already pointed out the untight and mumbled vocals yourself so yeah. Thanks for getting this shit stuck in my head again. :'(
Haha, your auto-tune hell is horrible xD just like the original. Reminds me of a cover I did of Stromae's 'Alors on danse', I did that because I hated that song too. You just gave me the idea to cover this. Thank you. Haha, I liked it.
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woah 57 listens within 2 or 3 hours xD
Ascendant, thanks for your comment, the point being that I mostly want to learn how to mix properly, and I'm getting better, but I still have a lot to learn =)
Dillon, sure =) and I wasn't drunk, I was waking up

I added some reverb and re-eq'd the lows, voice sounds a bit better now
I think you really need to work on getting the lyrics out (make it a slower tempo if necessary). The backing really isn't much special and the auto-tune doesn't fit so well with a pretty much standard rock version (especially since it goes all over the place, use it at a lower setting or something).

Mind giving a listen to my version? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOtAnyQ-iq0
that sounds great Zao =) sounds like unlike me, you learned the lyrics
I know my backing track isn't special, I mainly wanted the mix to sound decent and to practice, I totally agree with the lyrics, the thing is that I was reading them at the same time and didn't even really remember the original's.
I like how you fitted a solo in the middle of it, sounds nice man!
Quote by Darkflame
oh, and the abusive auto-tune is there on purpose to fit with the mood of the original song
and as bad as the original sounds, the notes are still in key though.

It seems what so many people don't know is unless you manually fix the notes, then applying a t-pain like auto-tune effect won't fix out of key singing.
It'll add a gargling sound effect.

The original doesn't have that, but yours does.
So a joke or not, you need to learn to sing properly :] (or literally edit every single note to be on key lol)
Your overall tone is pretty decent though.

Once that's fixed up, then this version would be better than the original with some better mixing and a few changes.
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