I'm thinking of going with with one of these three amps. I play mostly progressive metal/metal-core through an EMG 81/85 set up. I plan to go try out each of these amps, but was curious about your opinions. I've read mixed reviews on which is better than the other and would like to hear from those of you that have played through both.
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Mesa Dual rec, all the way.

+1 If you can get a dual rec roadster do so. Triple's are over kill.
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Mesa Mark series amps are good for prog-type stuff.
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Didn't you make this thread yesterday too?

nope xD

IIRC his last thread was in 17-03-11, but wasn't in this topic
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I wouldn't bother with a Triple Rec, totally overkill, and I honestly don't think they're as good as a Dual.

Anyway, I've had both. I prefer the JSX. It's not quite as metal sounding (and you do need to switch from el34s to 6L6s) but it's got more gain, a much more powerful EQ, and while the rhythm sounds aren't quite as good as a Dual, the lead sounds are far far better.

That said, if you want the traditional sound that you always hear in that style of music, grab the Mesa.

Still I would take the JSX over the Dual, and a Roadster over the JSX, aaaaand a MarkV over all of them.
Depends on what you play.

If youre more of a shredder, JSX.
If youre more into chuggah chuggah rhythm, a Recto of some sort.

Try both. See which one you rpefer.
Both are great amps with more gain than you ever will use.
Please note that Mesa's effects loops tend to be a bit finicky.

EDIT: ^Excuse me? JSX has more gain than a Recto?

The only amps I have seen with more gain than Rectos are 5150's/6505's.
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I'd personally choose the Dual Recto. Also with the new 2010 update on the Dual Recs I found they basically sound the same as a Roadster, just without the 4th channel.

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I'd personally choose the Dual Recto. Also with the new 2010 update on the Dual Recs I found they basically sound the same as a Roadster, just without the 4th channel.

2nd- its got an extra clean channel IIRC. Channels 1, 3 and 4 are the same as 1 2 and 3 on the dual.
try them out, honestly this question is put up here all the time although its usually the 6505 people talk about not the JSX

its a preference thing, personally im a recto guy. i own an old 3 channel Dual Rectifier and a 2 channel Dual Rectifier the 2 channel is significantly tighter and better for everything. as much as having 3 channels is great, the 2 channel is a ****ing monster of an amp. probably the best i've ever played.

now thats my opinion, and im biased. i didn't like the JSX at all, thought the gain sounded really fizzy and trebly. play both, make your mind up
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