I have been googling for a new amp for about a month or so. I'm deciding on a marshal or line 6. Currently I'm playing a kkv and a ibanez little combo. I have played crates voodoo blue heads with a Jackson dinky. Didn't care for the sound. So I scrapped the whole thing. I hate using effects pedals. I love a nice warm sound with crunch.
The style of music I play and write is from The Allman Brothers to SLAYER. That is where I'm on the fence. I'm also thinking of purchasing a Gibson explorer also as a second guitar. Any input would be greatly appreciated
If you're looking at the Marshall MG or Line 6 Spider series, save yourself some cash and don't. I have played the MG series extensively and owned a Spider for a year and a half. You'd be much better off with something else. What's your budget?
What Marshall and Line6? Spider-Sense is tingling, so to speak.

Seriously, if you are indeed looking at a Line6 Spider and Marshall MG, preferring either over a Blue Voodoo, then you should consult a physician.
Keep in mind mostany amp can be used for the mellow stuff, as long as it has a clean channel. When it comes to hi-gain, that specialized territory.

Also keep in mind that for under $500 for a combo, generally speaking, you won't get much. And you'll get less for a $500 halfstack (MG/Spider).

If you're looking at a small versatile bedroom amp though, the Spider 15-30w is your friend.
Quote by OceansBetweenUs
If you're looking at a small versatile bedroom amp though, the:

- Fender Mustang;
- Roland Cube;
- Peavey Vypyr (especially for heavy metal);

are your friends.

Fixed for truth.
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hybrid amps like the Kustom Hi Voltage amps are a cheap way to achieve good tone. I have the 100 watt combo amp version and the thing is a beast! Sold my spider for this thing and it kicks the spider's ass.
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Do not bother with the MG or Spiders...The spider 3 is the worst $100 I have ever spent. Try the Roland Cube or Peavey Vypyr

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Blue Voodoos are very treble-y imo but sound a helluva lot better than mg's and spider's!!! I had a BV (borrowed) for roughly 6 months, give or take, and with an overdrive it sounded A LOT better! Sounds like you didn't know how to eq an amp.