I keep hearing that they are much better for tone. However I can't find anywhere online that sells solid soundboards. Does anyone know where to find them? All I can find is bookmatched pieces.
I know that solid wood is better than laminated or plywood, but is there anywhere to buy single sheets of wood that are of the same 1/8" (0.08" thickness), rather than two bookmatched pieces?
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when companies/people refer to "solid tops", they don't mean the top is composed of one continuous piece in that sense. solid tops are planed from one piece of wood, rather than made by laminating several thin pieces into a board. solid tops still get bookmatched though. pretty much every acoustic company i'm aware of uses bookmatched tops. i don't think many retailers sell one piece tops so you'd probably have to cut and plane your own, which would require a pretty big board.
most guitar tops are book matched.

It's the body that can be one piece or more.
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we're talking about acoustics here, right? i've never really come accross one piece acoustic bodies either....

good sources for soundboards would be luthiers mercantile and stewart macdonald.
I'd imagine on an acoustic a one-piece top would have the tendency to warp.
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