Welcome to the second instalment of the new program



In a private group, somewhere among the mysterious UG system, a small number of fearless individuals hand-pick three pieces from the last few weeks. Written by newbies (someone with less than eight threads posted in the last year), these all contain characteristics that demonstrate each writers potential, with a great sense of form, technique, imagery, and emotion, all well-worthy of commendation.

Now, this is not simply another award ceremony to praise writers beyond necessity. This is UG's way of encouraging new writers to continue writing and posting, both here and elsewhere. We believe that new writers deserve credit and appreciation, because without it most of us would be lost in a world of self-pity and have little confidence.

We all need people to recognize our work as musicians; our progress sometimes depends on it. Writing lyrics, poetry, prose - anything - is no different. If you don't agree with that then you've forgotten what it was like to be new to writing, new to forums, or new to this form of expression.


Here are the three pieces selected from the last month that were considered to be worthy of mention above all else. Accompanying them are a number of brief reasons as to why, exactly, they were chosen:

-Our number one piece this week is from Rocks ur Life, a fan of the awesome La Dispute, a band that many UG'ers seem to know a lot about and enjoy greatly, which is a nice change from the Metallica/Megadeth/Slayer obsession that many internet forums suffer from.

Anyway, this piece was chosen above the excellent work by UncleRemus because he has posted well above the eight threads per year rule we have set up as one of the only conditions to enter - and that is the cut-off point for which a user may be classifed as a "newb" on S&L. His work was fantastic and I hope he sticks around. I actually suspect it won't be long before he wins WotM or WotW!

It was also chosen above Smokegt2 for its clarity and sweetness. The subtle phrasing and words almost perfectly melded together to form one piece of contorting emotion, beginning with optimism - demonstrated in the first six lines - and ending with disappointment - demonstrated in the latter six lines.

Although this makes for a slightly rocky experience - seeing as it's so short - it still is an interested idea considering the title of the piece, Bottle Your Emotions in an Empty Dos Equis.

Bottle Your Emotions in an Empty Dos Equis by Rocks ur Life

A glint of sunshine in the distance
Of the tundra of my heart. Your shimmering
soul crosses the pathways of my brain
rearranging them to say, "You're Mine"

Your love is a ray of hope;
A sign of my home in this barren wasteland.
I Waited and I bled for you
But your heart just can't take it.

I call your name
And I see you in my dreams
But sometimes
I doubt you even feel the same.


-Our second piece this week is from Smokegt2, a very fresh face to UG. We hope, considering the incredibly detailed and twisting way in which the piece is written, that he sticks around and continues to write as he does right now.

Although it is difficult to accurately tell what the writer is trying to say in his poem A wolf with flowers, the distinct vibe that ebbs throughout is unmistakable. It's rare to see someone with such a command over the English language that they are able to develop a piece without a clear point to the words.

He quotes below in his thread that "something seems wrong with this poem of mine but I can't pinpoint it", and I don't know what it is either. To me, apart from the lack of a clear and definitive meaning, it is a great example of using human sensations within the words to maximize emotion and to create a unique picture and image in your head, based around core memories from our past.

For me, that image is of my childhood, watching the old, classic gothic films, such as Jack Nicholson's Wolf and The Crow with Brandon Lee. The uncertainty of a dream, the perception of religion and the hints towards love. All these branches of thought relate back to the classic films of 'gothica'.

A Wolf with Flowers by Smokegt2

I saw a wolf with flowers
A thief in the night with powers
Quiet like injustice and shame
One eye dark like royalty
The other dark blue like showers
Teeth sharp and forgiving
His eyes vengeful and perceiving
He told me the hour has come
So why are you sleeping?

I woke up in a daze
A rose on my chest and a stabbing pain
Teeth marks on my heart and bleeding slowly
Wipe the blood, kiss the rose on me
Oh, no just another dream
Things aren't always what they seem

It was a warm night with potential for rain
The heavy hush of baited breath
Listening for the weighted steps
The silky tones were less vivid
Cold sweat running down my face
My hands laced together, tight

Maybe I can chase my mind off
What I see before my eyes
She disappeared right next to me
That little girl just turned to smoke
And faded with a warm smile
Lights flashing in the sky
Little children disappearing
And gods crashing into buildings
What the hell is happening?
Is this the return of Christ
Or just another scary night?

Then I saw the wolf with flowers
A thief in the night with powers
One eye dark like royalty
The other dark blue like showers
Can't you hear the wolf breathing?


-Our final piece this week is from to fantasyh, a writer that I personally have enjoyed reading again and again over the last few months.

There is very little that needs to be said about this piece as it truly is a wonderful accomplishment all on its own. Once you get yourself into the swing and motion of the ideas and thoughts, the repititions help reinforce our abilities as human beings and how they should not be linked with our limitations.

To me, something so long and yet so consistent is a difficult thing to do. The writer has brought home a common philosophy and forced us to consider it deeply.

Of The Fourth Dimension

Of the Fourth Dimension by fantastyh

Fall below bliss
Soar high above the damned
And wander as the stream flows
Join the torrent of reflection
To find freedom in constraint
Inhibiting the flesh
Freeing the mind
To follow the droplet of perfection
Formed from blood sweat and tears
Dripping from higher places
A fourth dimension wavering

Exist in the state in between
Floating in aeons upon aeons of nothing
To discover a sense of purpose
In all of this

Sleep with one eye open
For the night sky may call to you
For the sun may fall from the sky
A messenger of fiery doom
Followed by renewal
Nothing shall slip away
The material unknown
Too precious to fall prey to negligence
Lost forever
In this existence that seems indefinite
But wrinkles more with every second
Every second raises in price as it passes
Never to return
An orchestra of I should’ves
Deaf to pleas
Deaf to bribery
Deaf to barter
Once it passed it’s gone

Exist in the state in between
Floating in aeons upon aeons of nothing
To discover a sense of purpose
In all of this

Every moment not captured
Passes into oblivion
Every second stored
Falls into sepia tones
And fades away
Failure that can’t be accounted for
Rears its ugly head again
Caustic smile upon a platinum neck

La Dispute is amazing...I'm proud to say I am the owner of the thread in the Hardcore forum, which has introduced lots of folks to this band.

Also, I didn't even know about fantasyh, so thanks for posting this. The newbs (which I might be one of) need love too!