Anyone know any good Classical Two handed tapping Artists...like i recently just found out about Rob Scallon and Mathew McGehh, casue i really like that kind of music, and i want to learn it...it seems interesting...so anyone help me out?...and info of songs transcribes are welcome too...and tabs also...
wow thanks....can anyone transcribe this for me?...idc i its on Notations or tabs, im just trying to learn this kinda genere/techinque of guitar casue it seems really awsome to play...
look in the tabs im almost positive that both artists have tabs on here.

what songs im not sure, but they both have tabs here.

and NP
check out some more of their tunes.

kaki king is a beast at play that acoustic.
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hahaha ya thanks...ya i just really love the two handed tapping stuff that sounds like Piano...and just amazes me and insires me...XD