Which string does each finger on my fretting hand press down on?

My problem is trying to roll my ring finger on the 14th fret of the D and G string. When going down I can't get the G string to sound out and when going up it's hard for me to get the D string. Any tips on rolling?
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from note to note it goes (by finger): 1-4-3-3-2-1-4-1-2-3-3-4-2 or 3
that's how i would do it
Hi Jostry,
It's very simple: 6(top=low e)-1(bottom=high e)
5th string - 12
5th " - 15
4th " - 14
3th " - 14
2th " - 13
1th " - 12
1th " - 17
1th " - 12
2th " - 13
3th " - 14
4th " - 14
5th " - 15
6th " - 12
Hope this helps!
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1st(index) finger on 12, hammer with your pinky to 15, fret both the d and g strings with your 3rd finger, b string with your second, e string with your first hammer with pinky then go back up the same way you went down
Id do -

index , pinky, ring finger (rolled), middle finger, index hammer on with pinky and then this is in reverse, with the added note id use my index for that but cant six string sweep.

I found these finger rolling sweeps pretty tricky and still do now sometimes although you aint gotta roll your finger. I just do

Good luck.
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