Something a bit more cheery for you all


Play me a tune
On your kaleidoscope
Have a cigarette, some wine
And please take note
Two more merlots
The rich man said
You’ve got no class son
You might just be dead

Sing me a song, said the bully to the fly
You look so happy, you might just cry to us
Go on and hang your face out to dry
I’ve bought us two tickets to Felgueiras

Dance in the sun
In your best pinafore
Shout my name
I’ll dance you off the floor
This party’s cracked
My bottle’s smashed
When I’ve found my way
I’ll leave you till last

Throw my guitar
Into the lake
It made a happy noise but
For goodness sake
You’re new here
I don’t know your face
But I can tell by tomorrow
You’ll be in disgrace


I’m a skinny boy
I need company
13 bells and
Tonight’s bill please
It’s all over
When dawn breaks
I woke up next to her
And some roller skates

I am thinking of a bridge at some point so any tips would be helpful

And before you ask, Felgueiras is a town in Portugal


Cheers mate, I was actually going for a Jon Fratelli vibe if anything, Lennon wasen't really up there in my mind

Thanks though, that's up there in the ultimate songwriting compliments haha