The summer's gone
We've sang that song
Now leafs turn brown
and fall

There's a picture
to be seen, as leafs go from
Green, paint the parks and all

Leafs come down
in fall.
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exactly...yoyu made a ****ing mistake in the words....songwriters always do that and it pisses me off...learn to ****ing write yo...i didnt take the time to read it because of that...but im sure its a decent poem
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if the elephant on the left is green, and the spider on the right is blue, what is in the middle and WHAT THE FUCK COLOR IS IT??

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Yo stop tripping, its just a Purple Bag'O'Green

i dont wanna melt in 2030
Leafs are valid still, and who left and made leaves valid anyway?

But google told me Leafs was valid, so, thank you, for what you said about poetry and lyrics, now just try to sing it with a piano lol, kidding.