Kayz, so this is gear that I've gotten over the last 8 or so-ish weeks and just haven't been bothered making a NPD thread till now. Pedals in chronological order of acquisition.

Let's kick this shit off with the sucker that replaced my recently-deceased, then revived, then subsequently-sold Ekko 616.

Sweeeet delay. Versatile as hell sound. I bet you've read a million reviews on this thing, but indulge me. Repeats can go from clean but not too clean, to dark murky warbly swampy sex soup. I prefer simple pedals as a rule, and I very nearly took the Skrecho over this just because of that. However, this is easier to dial in than I thought, as pretty much all of the secondary settings are set and forget. I find that I spend most of my time on the single head mode, as for straightforward tap tempo and a wide delay range, but had a fling with fixed tape head, mode B, and had some fun with dotted 8ths. However over the last week I've been on the minimum delay range with the time knob all the way up (I think about 250ms) with a darker delay with some reverb - new type of delay sound for me, which I'm really liking. As for the other knobs, I usually tweak the Flutter and Tape age together, but generally leave the repeats somewhat clean. The spring reverb control is also a very helpful addition for some dreaminess. haven't really used the tape crinkle; tried it out, and don't care for it much at this stage. The bias is good for controlling oscillation volume and repeat headroom (but you knew that already). And I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is powered perfectly off the 200ma output on my Cioks, contrary to the 250ma power spec - I tried this out after I saw a post on TGP that said the El Cap could be powered off a 200ma output (source). Prior to this, I was daisy chaining it with other pedals off the 600ma output, and was getting blips in my signal. was almost going to sell it at this point out of frustration. but just as well i found that post on TGP; now the El Cap is not leaving my board. Can't fault it at all - and it doesn't have that issue about the repeats disappearing when you use the tap tempo. One thing that I'd like is a pristine looping mode, as the looper is true to a tape looper, and the repeats degrade eventually. But overall - freaking love it.

Next up:

Well, I agonised and agonised over a TZF pedal for ages. Came down to the TC Nova Modulator and the Strymon Orbit. I liked the Nova's TZF better - sounded more tape-authentic, but it ran off 12v, it was freaking huge, i don't like multi-effects on my board full of dedicated effects, it called my mother a slag, so on and so forth, etc etc etc so I went with the Strymon. There's a different flavour of TZF on the Strymon, more of a single whistling line of feedback along with the wind howl behind the signal as opposed to the washy 'warm fuzzy feeling' (as Tore puts it in EVERY SINGLE TCE TZF DEMO VIDEO ) that the TCE TZF has; I grew to like the Strymon TZF, but i was still gazing longingly after the TCE TZF algorithm. The chorus flange on the Orbit was sexy as though, especially with distortion. Then TCE comes out with a dedicated flanger/TZF called the Vortex. Pedalboard friendly, 9v, shitload cheaper than the Orbit. So....ordered it the day i found out about it. got it and the consensus is....my TZF needs have been fulfilled 100%. So happy with the vortex in this regard - exactly what I was looking for. The chorus flange isn't as good as the Strymon with distortion - not as spiky and detailed, so to speak. But a little more lush with clean toanz, nicer and more spacious than the Orbit. I like it much better than any chorus pedal - I hate chorus pedals with a passion! But that said, my main flange need is TZF, so the Vortex is staying, and it looks like the Orbit is finding a new home sometime soon. One thing that shits me about the Vortex though is that it gets overly swirly and artificially drainpipe sounding with higher feedback settings (check Tore's video of the vortex - some excellent examples there lol - it nearly put me off it to tell the truth, lol, but i had faith). Sounds pretty decent with distortion as long as you've backed the feedback off (but the strymon still owns it with distortion). Haven't tried out the Toneprint thing yet, I'm happy with what I've got - although I might try out a different regular flange as opposed the Vortex's regular flange; see if I can get anything that isn't overly swirly. Only thing i'll miss about the Orbit is the favourite switch - it let me switch between chorus flange and TZF without having to bend over and adjust anything - something which I have to do with the Vortex. but overall, I'm stoked that i finally found my TZF sound.

Next up:

I got this to replace my Boiling Point, because I need money for new cables. My cables are really freaking ghetto . Here's the rundown - up position is a transparent, open, jangly, smooth, gainy OD. My favourite by far. Middle position is a bit bassier and a bit middier. Down position really reminds me of my old Green Screamer - middy, grainy, gritty, and quite a bit quieter...don't really like it too much at this stage. So I basically leave the toggle switch in the up position. And I heard that there was a volume issue with some Signa Drives, that unity gain was at 8 o'clock or something? Not on mine, unity's at about 11. So Chad must've fixed that issue. I think I have a newer version anyway, because most of the CMATmods pedals I've seen online have the website link down the bottom on the face of the pedal, but mine just has the brand logo.

Now, comparison to the Boiling Point? The Boiling Point has a lot more gain. That said, the Signa has a lot more gain than the average tubescreamer clone. However, I find that i like the Signa not having as much gain as the Boiling Point, as full gain on the Boiling Point can sound a little...I dunno, not as good as the same amount of gain on a distortion box, if you get what i mean? I'm not putting down the Boiling Point - the reason i replaced it is because i found that the Signa Drive could do the same thing that i was using the Boiling Point for (medium gain OD - difference is the Signa's gain is up all the way, the Boiling Point's is up halfway) - and because i need monies for new cables, because i'm chucking out a cable a week at the moment because they're so shit . The Boiling Point's still an amazing pedal, and I'll miss it, don't get me wrong. i just don't need it for what i do. So new cables for Yianni, and a shiny swirly sexy awesome OD for someone else! and also, if any of you guys are in need of an overdrive like the Signa Drive and you're on the fence, freaking buy it. it's abso-freaking-lutely AMAZING for the price. it will blow your mind and swallow every last drop of your load.


I am really kicking myself for not picking up one of these earlier. I am truly astonished at this pedal to tell you the truth. With gain 0, bass 0, treble 0 and volume at unity - I could literally not that the Timmy was on or off. It doesn't add or subtract ANYTHING at those settings. This is THE transparent overdrive. Then I turned up the level, and i may as well have been turning up my amp. No colour added whatsoever. More astonishment. The bass and treble cut were weird at first, but i have grown to really like it as it helps you tailor your sound more than other ODs i've used; as you turn up the gain, it makes the bass and treble a lot more prominent and pretty undesirable, so you can trim those away. I've just left the toggle switch in the middle; experimented with the up and down positions but i found the middle position to be the 'timmy-est', lol. But yeah as I've said, this is literally the most transparent overdrive I've ever used. It really helps accentuate the single-coil-ness of my Strat (lol) which helps greatly when I'm trying to get Origin of Symmetry lead tones. At the moment, i've got this set as a low gainer with some cut bass; something that adds some jangle and hair to my signal. And then i've got my signa drive behind it that i kick on for some pretty epic medium gainy toanz. They stack so well together. Seriously, these two pedals have a hard-on for each other. Must be something about the ridiculously awesome value for money they both represent (by the way i got my Timmy from one of Paul's dealers in Canada at the regular $129; waited about 6 weeks for the email to tell me they were in stock). But yeah, between the Signa, the Timmy and the Kanji Eternity, i'm preeeeetty much covered for OD toanz for....probably the next two weeks . Nah, I think these three guys are going to have a lot of fun together for a while yet.

Hope you like.
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