So recently I got into Evanescence. Since long ago I like neoclassical metal sh*but this is on a whole diffrent level classical influence metal+keyboards,organs+strong FEMALE voices=mindblown.

I was wondering if you peps could recommend me any more of these types of bands. ?
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Dude it's not 2005 any more.

Sarcasm ? So? I found her music and HER voice worthy, I dont care about trends, I mean, you dont go bitching around someone whos listening to the beatles and going: Hey ! thats so 60s-70s! Or Queen or any of that stuff... good stuff is good stuff, aint it?
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I found her music and HER voice worthy

You know there is/was more than just her in the band right?
Naw, pretty sure everything comes from that mouth of hers

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Sarcasm ? So? I found her music and HER voice worthy

So bring it to the modern rock forum where they belong. There is nothing metal about Evanescence.

If you want more power/goth bands like Nightwish go to the rec thread.