OK so I am a bassist (probably could tell from me username :P ) and my guitarist was at me for a while to take up some vocals. I was wondering if anyone had some good advice . Like what warm ups should I do or vocal exercises and etc. Is there any sites that could help or youtube channels? I really dont feel like paying for vocal training (as of yet) and just want to get some sort of singing ability mainly for backing. Oh yeh also how hard will it be to sing and play bass, like acoustic guitar i find easy to (mess) sing and play as the chords and strumming i can keep timing with but will bass be difficult to get used to singing along with it. Thanks in advance
I tried to learn on websites, mp3s, and youtube.. Nothing seemed effective. Why? Because you need someone beside you to hear your voice and make suggestions right away.. someone with professional training. Vocals aren't like a guitar where you are fretting correctly or you aren't.. vocals are SO DYNAMIC and you need someone with professional training to tailor your training for you.

I'd say youtube, videos, mp3s are great for someone who already has had beginner training and knows what they are doing and wants to improve technique. But nothing beats a teacher for vocals and I don't think that will ever change.

I'm sorry I didn't answer your question. It's because I didn't have any success with anything online or free so I can't recommend anything. However there are programs out there.
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The cheapest way to improve is to just sing. Sing every single day, practice things and record them, listen back to them, and experiment with your voice. This also happens to be the slowest way to improve. Youtube tutorials etc are rarely that useful, because correct singing technique is very difficult to describe just with the sound of someone else singing. You don't need to know how it sounds, you need to know how it feels. This is why one on one lessons are the most effective and best way to learn to sing, because they can "show you" how things are supposed to feel.

That said, I can't afford an extra 60 bucks a week for lessons, and neither can a lot of people. So for now there's nothing wrong with just doing things on your own. Read up and ask questions online, but for the most part just sing every spare minute, and you'll get better.