Hi everyone!

Could you please have a listen and let me know what you think of our singer?

We have just recently got her in, and not so sure if she's what we're looking for. Don't get me wrong, she's a great singer, but not sure if she fits the music so well.

Would really appreciate any thoughts on this, as the listeners opinions are what matter most.

Thanks very much!

well it sounds good , but honestly it all depends what you are going for. You are right the listeners opinions matter but the listeners cant tell you what sound you are trying to go for.

I say keep her, it does sounds good and some good guitar playing on it!
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I think she lacks power in her voice for your style. Tell her to really belt it! She didn't sound bad but sounded unenthusiastic.
Thanks man, I'm the guitarist so your comment is most appreciated by myself.

I do think she's good, just think maybe someone with a bit more edge and roughness would suit our sound better. You're right, you guys can't tell me what I'm looking for, but you can definitely help me get a different perspective. Sometimes you need some outside of the band advice.

Again thanks for taking the time to listen and comment!