I have a Schecter Jeff Loomis signature guitar and a cheap Ibanez RG370DXGP2 that I'm thinking of selling and saving up for a better guitar because it just isn't usable when i have something as good as my Loomis signature.

The thing is my Loomis signature guitar is already so good that I don't even know if I really need to get another guitar, but I would still like to have another nice guitar that is slightly different like one that has a floyd rose or a different shape from a different brand.

I was thinking about getting a Jackson RR5, Jackson KE5FR, Jackson SL3MG, Jackson SLAT3-6, Gibson white Explorer (so i can be like James Hetfield lol) and the most expensive but closest to my dream guitar based solely on specs would be the ESP Horizon FR II.

So i dont know if any of you guys have any of these guitars, but if you do tell me what you think of them in comparison to other guitars.
If you want to get another guitar, get something different that could give you different tones. You already have one good guitar that is good to get high gain and distorted tones, so get something that expands the number of tones you can have. Maybe a tele, a strato or a hollow body would be a good choice.
Even God has a Hell, his love for Humanity.
by Friedrich Nietzsche

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That may be a good solution too.
Even God has a Hell, his love for Humanity.
by Friedrich Nietzsche

Call me Edge
If you like your current guitar so much, sell the other one and get an awesome amp or pedals.
My friend has a Jeff Loomis FR. Also he had cheap Fernandes. He sold it and bought Ibanez RG1550M. Is sounds great and completely different from his Schecter. You also can buy Ibanez Prestige series guitar.
Their will always be a better guitar then the one u have, better neck better tone, shape, new, vitage, solid, hollow, paint and on and on and on, if you have the money and can afford it buy it, if you have the money and can't afford it don't.