I haven't been using this guitar much since it wasn't playing well, so today I got some new strings, even though the old ones were still pretty good. When I took off all the strings and was cleaning the fingerboard I noticed the neck was loose.I can actually rock it for about 1 cm movement at the headstock, so pretty loose. The 2 screws on the front of the neck are as tight as I would feel comfortable putting them. I don't really know how they attach these so if anyone knows a solution or has heard of this problem before that would be great. I guess I should remove the neck and have a look, perhaps a shim would help. Just asking here first.

When I push down on the headstock, it rises a bit at the sound-hole, seems to be pivoting where the screws are.

Here is a pic of the way they mount the neck.
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Is this the first time you noticed the neck rocking? are you sure it wasn't like that before? Because I noticed today that my Baby T has the same issue. I am thinking that it must have been this way since I had it and never noticed. If that is the case, Taylor should not have a rocking neck.

If you ever remedied this situation, how did you do it?
If tightening doesn't fix it definitely remove the neck and see what the problem is.  I had a similar problem on a Silvertone where the beveled washers under the screwheads had sunk and the screws were too long to take up the slack.  The screw tips had actually pushed up against the fretboard and lifted it.  Shortening the screws and double beveled washers was the fix.