Ok seriously...

1)frankenstrat. Leave it alone. It's been done to death and in my opinion it NEVER looked good.

2) 'Relic-ing'. Honestly. A worn guitar SHOULD be a guitar naturally worn that you've had and cherished all your life. A 2010 strat or other WORK OF ART that you assault with sandpaper rocks and whatever other 'tools' you have lying around lookss like shit. And the fact that all you can play is Blink 182s 'Dammit' goes to show how lame you really are.

Please. Step away from the sandpaper. Put down the Krylon and masking tape. THINK and customize a guitar with originality. Stop making this forum reek of plagiarism.
congratulations! you have an opinion! please dont force it on others.

also, read the nice annoucement about thread titles, just for future reference.

and Dammit is an excellent song, dammit.