So, I have this old Darth Vader voice changer and I was wondering if it would be possible to turn it into an octave pedal (not really an octave pedal, because it doesn't lower your voice an entire octave). I was thinking of replacing the microphone and the speaker with input/output jacks and running a guitar through it. Would it fry the chip?
Pleeeeaaase do it. It could be epic.
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Mount the circuit on a wooden board, drill holes for the input and output jacks on the side of the Darth Vader helmet, wire it up and then mount the helmet on the board over the circuit.

Your pedalboard would be insurmountable.
you have to wire it for true bypass though
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How about an R2D2 one as well?
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Ok, so I started messing around with it, and now it doesn't make sound when I press the buttons. a new used one couldn't cost too much on ebay, though. we shall see. >:P
i want one that's a talk box. Just for mother effin win of having a legitimate reason to wear a vader helmet on stage
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