Yes? No? Give reasons please.

Specifically, lets say the pedal has an overdrive option, could I use that to boost the gain on a tube amp?
Yeah sure, why not? It probably won't sound as good, but you can certainly do it.

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Check out the TC Electronic Nova System. It's a very high quality multi-effects unit with a completely analog overdrive circuit built in!
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Depends on the multi fx really. In theory, it should work fine, but in practice, most multi fx are crap.

From my experience, it doesn't really work well if it's not analog. Digital OD's tend to not really have that effect that you'd get, with a tube screamer or an SD-1.
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Yes you can use multi-fx to boost an amp, but it wont sound as good as a normal OD pedal.

I recently got a Boss ME70 but returned it after 1 day. The OD on there was ok, but not the same standard as a stand alone pedal.
I use a RP155 with my Lil Giant tube amp. It sounds fine, you can always tweak the FX setting parameters to dial in the OD you want. I also use a preamp when I want that genuine tube crunch...it saturates the tubes at lower volumes than just the amp driving the rig.

If you only wanted (or can afford) one pedal, however, and you want distortion, go with a real pedal.
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I'm a proponent of ME units, but I must say, I really do not like the ODs on most of them for boosting an actual tube amp. They lack the same dynamics and response, and don't come across as natural. It'll work in a pinch though.
No. It will sound crap.
The OD's on most MFX units are designed to drive the built in amp models, or as a standalone dist pedal model. As a booster into a real amp, it will not be able to drive the amp anywhere near as hard as a regular pedal.
Simple reason.
OD pedals depend on the level knob for pushing preamps. Higher the level, the more volume it pushes out, the harder it pushes the pre amp.
An MFX pedal's OD model's volume is controlled by two factors(three actually, if youre using amp models)
a) The pdeal models level control
b) THe amp models master volume control
c) The pedals patch volume.

Even if the OD's level is maxed, if the patch volume is below unity gain, you will actually end up with LESS gain than your amp alone. And diming the patch volume on an MFX unit results in digital clipping, and increased muddiness in sound. Plus loads and loads of extra bass. At least, thats what happens on my RP.
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Everything said in this thread about how the overdrive will suck does not apply to my earlier suggestion as it does have a completely separate analog circuit for the overdrive.

Just pointing that out for TS.
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