your sweeping is surprisingly clean given the way you played the rest of that entire song. you played a lot of wrong notes, but somehow it didn't sound sloppy and you didn't really hit any open strings. it sounds like you spent a ton of time getting the mechanics of sweeping down without bothering to get much else right.
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Not to sound like a dick but it's pretty bad. The entire cover was not good. You need to work on making sure every note you play is clear and precise. You're timing through out the song is also not good. Try practicing with a metronome to work on that. Also, some of the tabs were just wrong. Look up the 5 star tab on this website, it's pretty accurate
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learn the godly rhythms of dave mustaine for however long it takes. DONT ASK WHY JUST DO IT
Thank you for the video, I will start working on this sweep.

Although, the thing with the timing, I don't practice guitar standing up, and I tend to mess up more on camera.. haha. Also, most of the song was open notes, they were palm muted.
I think you did good though, I'm not able to play "full songs", I can only just play bits and pieces. Just looked a little boring to play though.
i think you need to get back to basics like timing and letting each chords and note ring cleanly. Practise more rhythm. you seem to be skipping ahead of yourself. If you get the basics down, the rest will fall into place better because your sense of timing, pick control, technique etc will all be better developed.

you done damn well for 8 months playing though, don't get me wrong, i just think your focus is a bit to advanced for where you need to be at.
good sweeping, bad note memorization. look up the tabs with the most 5 star ratings :P
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You have no place working on sweeping when your bending and vibrato are that bad. Work on those first because they're about 50 million times more important.
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I think the sweeps are really bad to be fair mate, but the audio and video quality is dog poo also so that doesn't help.

I dont think its bad for 8 months at all though so keep working on em!
I wouldnt say he has no place sweeping... maybe he doesnt want to be bendy McGee.

but I will say this, the first time I heard it, I didnt even notice the bends/vibrato. That is to say its really hard to separate the terrible notes from the horrible notes.

here are some protips from Nurse Bendy.
1) bends are meant to be a specific note, not just any damn tone in the world
2) a 'full' bend is not bend the string as far as you can. its bend it up a whole tone
3) a half bend goes to the note on the next fret. aka semi tone...
4) bends are NOT measured by how many string spaces. "I bent the E string all the way up to the G string" is not a competent statement.
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I'll wait for this to get moved to GT...

...also, for some reason I really want to meet Nurse Bendy
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Thanks for the advice guys! Sorry about the quality, had to record it with my phone. I do seem to be getting ahead of myself, thank you for the advice. I'm self taught, so bare with me here, haha.
First, tune you guitar. <---that's really important.

It was pretty sloppy, but your on track for only Playing so long. Like everyone else said, Work on your rhythm first. Also learn better bends and vibrato, which just takes practice.
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Pick a good song first.

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Needs a ****load of work. There are a lot more techniques you should be prioritizing right now. I realize you're probably going through some phase of wanting to shred as fast as you can but there's a lot more to playing a guitar than shredding. Get back to basics in my opinion.