So, I've got quite a few songs I want to record. But I don't have a computer. Period. I'm headed to college and will need a laptop anyway, so why not get one suited for recording as well? Any suggestions? Price isn't really an issue. As long as its not some off the wall number, it'll be good.
well, I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for, but I use my Compaq Presario CQ56 laptop for recording, and I use Reaper to record and I mix the tracks in Audacity... the Compaq was about $500 and reaper was $60,Audacity is free.
Also to record I use a microphone adapter to plug my guitar directly into the microphone jack which is really cheap.
You are looking at minimal at 2.5GHz processor and 2 GB RAM laptop. If you want to record in high quality you are also going to need a good audio interface thats roughly $150-300 on top of laptop.
Get the 13 inch MacBook Pro. If price isn't really an issue maybe get the 15 inch. If you'll be taking the laptop to college with you you'll love the battery life on those things.
Well, I can give you about 20 suggestions ranging anywhere from $500 to $4000, give me some number inbetween and I'll tell you what to buy.
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