Hey I'm somewhere between a novice and an intermediate player, and i stick to mainly the blues, but when I am playing real high notes (20+ on the E) I can never get my guitar to resonate the way it would further down the neck. I play the note and it fades out really quickly when I have a moderate amount of gain (normally doesn't on my guitar when I need to play a fast note into a high solo). Does anyone know how to trouble shoot this? Could it have anything to do with having a low action on the guitar? I am playing on a Epiphone Les Paul going into a Line 6 Spider IV with a Boss BD2 blues driver.
Thanks for the help!
That could be a number of things. Your technique might be accidentally muting it, if it's buzzing it might be fretting out, you may need to adjust your action. A video would really help. Or at least a detailed description of the sound. If it's not buzzing or anything and the sound is just dying, it's almost certainly your technique. You have to be more precise higher up on the neck than you do closer to the headstock.
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if you play a solid high note (forgetting form and just focusing on pushing the string down correctly), unplugged, and you hear that it dies out before a good few seconds, you guitar has a problem. otherwise, it might be your technique. try fretting with more authority.
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thanks for the help guys, I'm guessing it needed to be fretted harder. I never would have thought of that as I kinda taught myself how to play thanks to the internet. Thanks again
One thing you can do is this:

Without wasting too much of store time, go down to Guitar Center.

Get a $3000 Les Paul USA Custom off the rack. Plug it into an all-tube $1900 Mesa Head into a 4x12 Mesa cabinet.

Crank up some gain, and play the same music notes you are not having success with on your rig.

That way you can decide if the equipment has anything to do with it. And you might start a new gear savings account after you are done!