Hello, I have recently run into a substantial amount of cash playing online poker. If the past has taught me anything, it's that I need to spend this cash on material goods ASAP before I lose it at the casino. I plan on buying a Fender Jazz but I'm overwhelmed by all the different models they have.

I love playing but I know nothing about equipment. I've been using my friends Fender Jazz for the last 2 years and I love it but it's getting pretty beat up and now that I have cash I figure I'll just buy my own. What Fender Jazz should I get? I don't understand why some of them are 699$ and others are 1500$. Which would you recommend?

Although I have a lot of money to blow, I don't just want to go and buy the most expensive one.

I should also include that I am not picky; like I said before, I just like to play, and I pretty much have a phobia of technology so I'm not good at understanding why some basses are better than others and blah blah blah. I just want a solid instrument that is versatile and will last me a long time. And that sounds great obviously.

There seems to be so many different models of the jazz bass, I don't know which one I should pick. What about the Geddy Lee model, that one looks pretty sweet. It costs 1000$; is it that much better than the Fender's 60's jazz bass or the Fender Power Jazz Bass, which are both only 750$? What about the cheapest model, the Fender Active Jazz bass?

Also, what about buying a Precision bass to go along with it. I hear they are better for hard rock. The band I play with plays a mix of anything from U2 to G'n'R to Jimi Hendrix, so I figure both could come in handy. Jaco is my main inspiration for playing bass so I know I need a Fender Jazz, but maybe a Precision is also a wise buy since my band plays rock. What do ya'll think about buying two basses? If you were going to buy 2, which would you buy?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. My apologies for being completely oblivious about bass technology. Thanks
First off, what's your overall budget for this purchase and what country are you in? Before you start thinking about buying two different basses what amp are you using too?
There's a heap of different flavours of Jazz, I always thought the Power Jazzes were pretty cool, with the Piezo pickup and everything but it doesn't sound like it'd be something you'd use. The cheapest Fender Jazz model is the Standard (read: NOT the same as the American Standard) also, not the Deluxe active. Arguably the most versatile Jazzes are going to be the Deluxes and the Marcus Miller models with the active onboard EQ but you might find it's not your cup of tea if you like keeping things simple.
It really sounds like you just need to get down to a music store and play every one you can. You might find you like Ps completely over Jazzes and just want a P or you might pick up a Warwick or something and fall in love with that. I'm not going to suggest a P/J, I'll leave that up to someone else.
Hope that helped a little bit.
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This one's pretty sweet. May not be everything your asking for, but stare long enough at the pics and look up the tonewood koa and you might impulsively order one, just like a "gamblin' ramblin' man"

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I'm going to throw in something about Jazz's and Precisions. A Jazz is a chameleon, its versatility is legendary, it really is a jack-of-all trades bass. A Precision on the other hand is only good at one thing, and that is being a Precision bass. There's nothing quite like that P sound, and its never out of place in any genre, so even though the P may not be as "diverse" as the J, its just as versatile. Whether you should get both or not is a decision entirely up to you and your wallet.

As for different types of Jazz's, Fender currently makes 19 different flavors, with 12 additional artist sig models (and there's the Custom Shop, but that's a whole different story). The non-artist ones all share the same basic design (with the exception of the Aerodyne), the things that will change with price increase are: hardware, pickups (and active eq's in the deluxe models), electronics, and overall quality and consistency (i.e. better woods, more consistent QC, etc.). Then you have the artist models which for the most part have some unique flair to them.

The best advice any of us can give you is to go start trying out basses. You could know you want a Jazz bass, and while buying the fanciest and most expensive Jazz you can find would certainly get you a very good bass, it may not get you the bass that's right for you, different strokes for different folks and all.

EDIT: If you really do have a lot of money on hand for this purchase, you may want to consider something more high end/boutique then a Fender. There are lots of companies/builder out there that build a mean Jazz, a few that come to mind are: Lakland, Sadowsky, Mike Lull, Valenti, Alleva Coppolo, Atelier Z, LowEnd, Nash (if you like relics), and Modulus (if you can dig a graphite neck).
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I will go the opposite route and say don't spend a dime of that money until you can go out and actually check out a few jazzes for yourself.
Go to a music store and play EVERY damn Jazz you can find, then when you think you found your baby, go and play more. Paying 600, 800 or even a 1,000 dollars for a bass is a pretty big investment that you will probably never recoup, so make sure your getting what you really want first.

I would personally would never buy a boutique bass simply because I personally find them to be WAAAAAY overpriced.
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For that amount I would go for something real "bad" with bargain price.
If you want to buy Marcus Miller bass type check out this links (very good prices):
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass, Olympic White
Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass, 3-Tone Sunburst
Best of luck in your guitar journey!
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i will second the advice to go out and play every jazz and p bass you can get your hands on, and find out what feels right for you.

i would say though, that the marcus miller isn't necessarily the bass to go for in my opinion. yes, it is very nice, but for the money it costs, (or less), you can get something nicer.

the new p and jazz models with the active eq are amazing basses and they have the new N3 noiseless pickups, which sound really nice. (although i don't really understand why they put the active/passive switch on them, cos once you flip it to active you are never going to what to switch it back again, cos it's just that good, lol.)
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Alternatively, check out the Sandberg California basses. Sandberg's a small-ish custom shop, so the basses are more expensive, but you get a much greater scope in terms of what you can actually get in the bass.

It's definitely worth taking a look.

Also, TS, if you weren't aware, the Californias are J and P-bass based basses.
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