I think I put one of these out a long time ago, but since then got a new amp and some stuff...
So anyways, I am looking at semi-hollowbody guitars. I don't have any experience with them, only using solid bodies and acoustics. I like playing blues and classic rock(Led Zep, Aerosmith, blues jams) and my gear is in my sig. (Not much )
Price range: $500-750 USD
Prefer Double Cutaway body (like an 335 style)
New or Used: Used if absolutely fine, not much money right now, but I want to start saving!
Closest City: Milwaukee, WI

I've looked at the Epiphone Sheratons, Casino, and Dots. Hagsdtrom Vikings, Xaviere XV 910 (awesome finishes)...
Any suggestions, or feedback is appreciated!

EDIT: I know gold hardware comes off like it was never there, and I want a nice looking guitar, so should I stay away from that?
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i have to say my semi hollowbody is very versatile.... can definitely recommend them...
Thing is mine was expensive... I have a Gibson ES339...which is way more than your budget...
But it does sound ...look and feel wonderful....
Keep looking around for what you like....it will definitely be worth it
Check out the Ibanez Artcore series. I had an AS73 that was a pretty good player. I ended up getting rid of it because the semi-hollow thing wasn't really my style (I picked it up on a whim). But the guitar itself was really nice - it felt/played like a much better guitar than the price indicated. Mine was $399 and it was on the low end of the series, they do have some nicer models.

I'd stay away from gold hardware. It develops some character as it "ages" (wears off). But if you want to keep it nice I'd stick to nickel or chrome hardware.

EDIT: I just saw that you are considering a Dot. When I compared the Artcores to the Dots, the Epi's didn't hold a candle. They seriously feel like a much nicer guitar for the money. The Dots all felt really cheap in comparison.
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