My band's singer and I have tickets to see the Pixies on the 24th. We bought ahead of time, and a friend was also going to go with us, but doesn't have a ticket. He was going to drive us there (aforementioned singer doesn't have his license, I'm testing to get mine five days before the concert, and neither of us have a car). The problem is, the tickets for the main floor are now sold out (which is the kind that we have). Not only was he our ride there, but I really want him to go, regardless (and another friend too, if possible).

Is there anywhere we can go to see if people are still selling their main floor tickets to the show? I know it'll probably cost more, but I really want him to go with.
Thanks for the link, but I didn't have any luck for the show. Any chance of them opening up on there as the date gets nearer, or should I look elsewhere?

Edit: Nevermind, did the search wrong. They're available, but for $115. =/
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I don't think he'll be able to get $115 for it, and I doubt it'll get cheaper as time goes on. Does anybody have anywhere else to look? So far, that's the cheapest I've found.