I guess my only doubt is if they have the guitar in stock since no one else is selling one. Also, I wonder how they package the guitars when they ship them to the USA, I'll be screwed if the guitar is broken in half when I get it, haha.
I'm almost 100% sure they are perfectly safe to buy from.

Wait for Siverstorm to come in - he'll definitely know for sure.
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I never bought from em, but I've been to one when I was in Tokyo, big-ass department store with a reputation to cover. (Didn't actually go to any guitar section there, it was a little detour we had to take.)

I'd imagine that they would be as careful as Guitar Center or Musicians Friend when it comes to ordering and shipping.

Obviously overseas is more expensive, but hey, Edwards are awesome.

On another note
I've been to the ishibashi shop and those guys know their stuff. (At least the three of five english speaking salesmen did)

EDIT: I figure you prefer the pink/black one, but as reference:


Apparently shipping to USA is $150, I figure with import fees you're looking at $200 or more tacked onto the price of which ever one you pick.
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If it means anything, I know of people who have bought jeans from Rakuten with more or less no problem.

I don't think Rakuten is actually a store, they're more like a Japanese Amazon. They just sell things from other vendors, hence how they carry so much shit on their site.
Just in case you get so excited when ordering, remember the earthquake and tsunami that just hit this nation.
The site warns you to order from areas not affected, but even then - I would expect a delay since most of the transportation resources of Japan are being used for aid as opposed to shipping guitars... That being said, it looks like a legit site. I have ordered stuff from China on standard shipping and its taken 2 weeks. I might add an extra week onto that for Japan at the moment.
I actually "won" the pink sawtooth guitar on Ebay but the guy sold it to someone else while my E-check was in the process of clearing *grumble*. The total from him was $1,520 shipped to the USA which was a pretty good price. He said he'll have more guitars around June, which sucks.
Actually I think there's one like that on GC used section. So hurry up and get that beauty!
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Actually I think there's one like that on GC used section. So hurry up and get that beauty!

Darn, when I click the link it says the product was sold.