HOLY CRAP NEW FORUM. Anyways, yeah post your favorite drumming on any particular album.

Many drummers change their styles/get better over the course of their repertoire. Some can be for the better.

For me, Matt Mingus on Dance Gavin Dance's Downtown Battle Mountain takes the cake. The mix between triplets and double bass and everything else just fits the rest of the band perfectly. This is the only album that I actually appreciate the drums more than anything. Which is saying something, being a guitarist.

Please post the album artwork.

Also, a youtube video/song link so we can all hear the drummer do their thing would be great.

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Try to focus on the drumming
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I forgot the dudes name, but the guy who drums for Animals as Leaders. Mmmmm, good stuff.
Marco Pitruzella on Brain Drill's Apocalyptic Feasting is great. you know it's brutal when they use more gravity blasting than regular blasting.
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Definitely Tyler Minsberg from The Dangerous Summer on "Reach for the Sun"
Too bad he just left the band :/

Something as simple as the tuning as the snare can make it or break it.

The drumming is good, but the snare sounds just a tad bit dull.

It could just be youtube's quality though... DGD doesn't sound near as good.
If a mortal stands before us
Strike him down with sleight of hand.
And if heaven rides against us
Then God himself must be damned.

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Matt Mingus is a boss. He also has a boss fu manchu


Gospel - The Moon is a Dead World

Drummer: Vinny Roseboom

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My favourite would probably be the style of drumming on The Great Misdirect - BTBAM.

On a side note: Really happy that this forum was made. I had planned to start learning drums during the summer and one of the things that I had deemed important was to find an online community to join for guidance. They say that it takes a community to raise a child, lucky for me UG just got a degree in drum babies.
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I ****ing love Jon Karel.

Example 1

Example 2

I'm definitely not a drum guy so I'm not going to attempt to explain, but the examples are there.

Edit: Replaced videos with higher quality ones.
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I really love Kevin 'KJ' Sawka's playing on Pendulums 'Immersion', its always good when they use a live drummer instead of a machine

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I'm not a drummer, BUT I listen to a lot of drummers to inspire my guitar riffs.

Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree has got to be my all-time favorite drummer, especially on the album In Absentia. Here's him playing along to the song 'The Sound Of Muzak' off of that album.

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Anything Gavin Harrison does is genius.

Particularly I love the Nil Recurring EP.

Shit you beat me to it!
But yeah. Gavin = incredible
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gavin is awesome. there are so many drummers i like tho, i have more like a top 3 that are pretty much equal haha

portnoy(which if i had to pick only one would probably win with bonus points for all his technicality and because he does a million equally amazing projects at the same time)


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Bruce McMurtrie Jr - Rosetta's Wake/Lift

I just bought that album and it's not really doing anything for me.

My favourite drumming style on an album is from Around the Fur, the Deftones album. Both the sound and style is exactly what I aspire to and hope to achieve sometime in my life.

I particularly love the way Abe throws in a few little double-bass fills, along with nice hi-hat work. It's very easy to mimick and a lot of fun.
I will.

I first listened to it on my computer with my 5.1 speakers, but I never really concentrate on the music when I do that as I'm usually working or posting here.

If, though, I first to the album when I wake up in the morning on my mp3 player, with really high quality in-earphones, I generally appreciate it more when I then play it on the speakers, as all the minute details, things I never would have noticed on the surround sound speakers, are in my memory.

I thought they were going to be another version of ISIS, but they don't have the awesome production quality, fantastic drum work or great vocals, amongst other things.
I disagree, yes they are incredible ISIS influenced, they are different enough and don't really deserve the "ISIS clone" moniker them and many other post-ISIS post-metal bands get. The drumming, although subtle, is actually very complex and interesting most of the time, and I prefer their drummer to ISIS'

Anyway, this thread has a severe lack of Erin Tate from Minus the Bear

haha yeah, that beat is crazy awesome. I love the sound of his kit.

What did you think of Blue Sky Noise?
I liked it, for the most part.

While not perfect, I thought it was the album I always knew they could make. I felt that since the band decided to go with a more straightforward approach to songwriting that the band felt tighter than ever. While it lacked a bunch of the atmosphere and "weird" qualities of their older releases, the band seemed more confident than ever when it came to direction. Juturna is still my fav though
Juturna is my favourite, too.

When I first heard the first single from that album, I thought I had found 'my music'. Then I listened to other post-hardcore bands and didn't really like half of it. Do you have any good recs?

That's basically me in a nut-shell - I think I've found the perfect music genre because I fall in love with one particular band, then find out that few others do what that original band did for me.

When I first heard High on Fire a couple of years ago I thought stoner rock was 'my genre', then I found a load of bands within that group that I didn't like at all. Same goes for metal with Gojira and Meshuggah.