So I've come to the conclusion that i want to try painting my own guitar. I'm going to be using my cheap squier for this so its not like im worried that its gonna suck. I've read a bit about painting and i seem to get the general idea but the main questions i was gonna ask is are there any specific types of paints that should be used? or does any spray on paint work. Also i was planning on trying to get a chrome finish on my guitar, anyone know of any good spray on chrome finishes? most oof the ones i've seen look either dull or just plain bad.
im going for a color change, nothing too fancy, if it goes well ill probably try it on my actual strat.
I've done a few refinishes in my short guitar life. Basically, any paint will work. You'll need to use spray paint because brushing it on is too thick. Spray cans work good, but a spray gun and a compressor are great. Look for a paint that adheres well to wood. I'd recommend Krylon if you went with spray cans. With that being said if you're in the US, look at Stewmac and sites like that. They have a ton of stuff.

As for chrome, you won't get a reflective chrome finish. You can come close with chrome paint, but it's impossible to get that mirror finish with just paint. Besides, once you add lacquer onto that it knocks the chrome right out of it, turning it into a greyish colour.