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8 36%
Head/Cab - Egnater Cab
2 9%
Head/Cab - Orange Cab
12 55%
Voters: 22.
Alright, here's what I'm looking at. I'm set on getting the Egnater Renegade in a few months. My main concern is whether I get the 2x12 combo or a head and 2x12. The combo has a Vintage 30 and an Elite 80 in it, the Egnater 2x12 has a pair of Elite 80s and the Orange PPC212OB has a pair of Vintage 30's. The combo has the advantage of being cheaper, but the head/cab option means I can always buy a new head later, and still have a cab or vice versa etc.

So, in short, what do you recommend, combo or head/cab? If the latter, which cab?
get the head. like you said if you get the head/cab you can always upgrade one or the other in the future

just my opinion.
If you have the funds to afford a head/cab, definitely that. It will pay off later, especially if you gig.
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I can save for it if I need to. I'll buy the cab international and ship it to Aus, mainly because it still works out cheaper that way. The head is between 1600 and 2500 here in Aus, and the combo is in the middle of that.
Yep. The whole head/cab if all bought here, could cost as much as 3.5K...hence why I'm either going overseas for it, or just going combo.

EDIT: Overseas for a cab if I go that way, ordering an amp overseas runs into the whole issue of transformers and voltages differences and I don't want to get into that

EDIT2: WAIT! I only just read that there's a 110V/115V/230V voltage selector...So, now the whole things getting imported as well. That makes things A LOT cheaper then.
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Head and Orange Cab. The other guitarist in my band has that Cab and its fantastic. V30s are an amazing speaker. We've AB'ed it with a Marshall, a Vox and a Mesa, using marshall and orange heads, and the Orange sounded the best.
Hey, not sure if the Elite 80s are anything like the Lead 80s... but they seem to be a cleaner speaker:
Judging by your musical taste, a V30 loaded cab would probably be more what you want, and from what I've seen the Oranges seem to be a good choice for many styles... not many people that don't use them =-P

I've seen them on stage with Stone Sour's Jim Root, Powderfinger, The Mars Volta to cover a broad musical spectrum. As for heavy heavy metal... Periphery's Misha Mansoor uses them, and it was the standard cab used in the Monsters of high gain vids.
My vote goes to the Renegade with the Egnater Tourmaster cab. That's what I've played through multiple times and really dig it. Plus it matches Never tried it on a Orange cab but they do make nice cabs so not sure what to say.

I do like different speaker combinations in cabs for a unique sound and Vintage 30s to me are not the greatest things since sliced bread.
That's why I'm leaning to the orange...I can get it cheaper than the Egnater cab, and by all accounts, V30's are damn good speakers. The problem is I'm buying this on faith, I haven't played the head or cabs pesonally. If I somehow get a chance to try everything, I will, but the chance of finding an Egnater in an Aussie shop is about as likely as winning the lotto. Only thing I might find is the Orange cab .