So im wondering what everyones thoughts are on fenders new pawn shop guitars? Obviously no one to my knowlege has played one but what about the general concept and such.
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Quote by ethan_hanus
I still can't figure out what they hell they actually are....Hot rodded Squier, or a low end Fender?

They're mid-range Fenders.

Only the '51 is a reissue, and of the Squier '51, which was never a Fender guitar. But it was discontinued in like 2005 or some such, right as it was getting ridiculously popular because it was actually a great guitar for the price (gasp)!

Fender Custom Shop came out with a '51 a few years ago, but I don't think anybody could really justify spending in excess of 1.5k for a copy of a guitar that was worth 1/20 of that.

The new '51 is just like the original, but with upgraded Pickups (a new Fender Enforcer, which I believe is only on this series right now, but I'm not 100% on that, and a Texas Special in the neck), upgraded wiring (but with the same controls) and what looks like an upgraded finish (not sure, can't check Squier '51 specs, but Squier usually uses Polyurethane on its cheaper models and the new ones use Polyester. Not much of an improvement if you ask me.

The '72 is a hollowbody based on the '51. It looks... Interesting and has some potential to be popular, though the price will be some what restrictive for what it is.

The real gem of this series is the Mustang Special. The Mustang Special has got these pick-up selectors that let you chose what coils in the humbuckers are active, as well as a three-way switch. It's like a combination of a Mustang and a Jaguar are it seems like it could become very popular with the offset guitar crowd.

Overall, IMHO, based on the information I have now, I'm going to go ahead and say that the new Pawn Shop Series one doesn't look like it will be that popular, mostly based on a cost for features/quality basis. If the quality on these things is through the roof (unlikely) or if these Fender Enforcer pickups on them turn out be really good (again, unlikely) then I'd expect these guitars to become relatively popular. Though if they discontinue the series in the next three years, these guitars might have a chance to become rather valuable collectors items in the future, much how an unmodded Squier '51 is sought out today.
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