What would you guys say?

Ive never modded a strat before so just curious as to what you guys have done
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To get the best tone buy a Line 6.

and a bronze warlock
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and a bronze warlock

With 6 overdrive pedals.
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- good nut, good tuners, good bridge (as necessary, not a must for any of them)

- a bridge-ON switch is useful to get the extra combination of the neck and bridge pickup

- guthrie govan has a button that bypasses all the wiring except the bridge pickup so if you're a guy that likes to do a lot of solos with the bridge pickup then this button makes it easy to go between a specific dialed in sound in a different pickup to just the raw bridge pickup. I will probably try to put this in my squier this summer

- if you dont like the quacky sounds of position 2 and 4 in parallel (assuming all single pups) then wiring those positions in series could be something cool to get some new sounds

- kill switch? i dont really have a use for one but just an idea some people like
Pickup Changes are always fun.
Tortoishell pickguard or Mother of Pearl pickguard(if you have white already).
Etched neck plates.
Locking tuners.
..I was watching my death.
TS, what is wrong with your guitar at the moment?
Also, how complex do you want the mods to be?
For example, if you dont like the look, we can suggest anything from getting different coloured knobs to changing the body shape and re-painting.
Dont like the sound? Anything from a pickup swap to a complete electronics re-design.
Im ordering one from an oklahoma GC. for looks, im just swappingitching out the pickguard, bridge, jack plate, and tuners to gold parts and locking tuners.
I was just curious to hear what electrical mods people have done to theirs cause i would be totally new to strat wiring
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Bridge pickup on switch
treble bleed
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)
bridge on/neck on (whichever you prefer) switch. you can't complain about gaining an extra two pickup combinations.
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Now thats what I call a response..........WOW.......That's goin in my next Strat

forgot to mention, you're gonna want to use shielded wire throughout and make sure to keep it organized. you'll hate yourself if you leave it messy.

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bridge on/neck on (whichever you prefer) switch. you can't complain about gaining an extra two pickup combinations.

True. with the N+B combo you get some great tele-like tones.
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it's complex but hella useful for the wide variety of stuff i play (or at least *used* to play; now it's back to standard strat configuration).

You mean... You reverted the worlds best modded strat to it's original form?
..I was watching my death.
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original form

More or less. Not the original pups but still. SSS, 1V, 2T, 5-way.

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Brass or Steel trem block, Graphtech saddles and nut, and locking tuners, best mods you can do to a Strat other than upgrading the pickups.

I would agree with that. Maybe a Wilkinson if you want more tremolo range.
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