So taking a stab at writing some tech death, not very good with guitar pro and cant get it to sound exactly like how i play it. not good with time signatures and all that jazz.
Song 11.gp5
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It looks like you're only using quarters and eighths. As for a critique of the rhythm pattern, I like it, it's very basic. I can see where you can put a bit more grove into it to make it sound a bit more upbeat and lively. To get good at timing the notes to how it sounds in your head, it's all practice, really. Get familiar with dotted notes, staccatos, triplets, and all that. Just keep on trying and you'll start noticing common rhythm patterns and get familiar with them.

Hold up, lemme dig up a website that'll help... Aha! Teoría. That site is a music theory site (It helps a lot with that if you want to learn it), but they have sections on rhythm, I believe that's the first thing you learn. There's also great exercises that help a lot. Poke around the site, I think it'll help.

As for the song itself and the notes, I really like it. It's pretty catchy and I can see people head banging to this. If you added a rhythm guitar, bass and drums, I'm sure it'll sound great. I mean, I really don't have much else to say outside of I like it all. You should finish this.

Great work!

C4C? If you want. :P
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