So, I'm looking to get really serious again. I bought a couple packs of strings a while back, before I stopped playing for like 6 months, but somehow, all of them are oxidized and crappy now, and I don't remember what kind I like.

Recommend me some good strings. Mainly standard tuning, sort of a R&B kind of style (Think Maroon 5 [Don't bash, please.]) But I may occasionally use Drop D. That's the lowest I'd ever go.

The action on my current guitar is shitty too, so I prefer that the string's aren't too thick and ridiculous.
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personally i use elixir strings they are coating but sound and play amazing :-D just personal thing i work in a music store so i get to play around alot with them. personally elixirs 11's if want something lighter than standard but not ridiculous. also dr make some awesome strings havent tried the new dr extra lifes but from what ive heard are pretty good.

side note, if action is shitty get it fixed having a guitar that plays like shit arent going to help u in your playing or motavation wouldnt be expensive to do.
Hm, I'll check into both of those. Just maybe I can afford a pack of each. ...I kind of feel weird about doing that now, though.

I considered that, about the action, but the guitar honestly isnt that great. It's good enough to record with, and play live with, but it's not great at all. Would it be worth it?
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If there is a guitar maker near you they tend to do it pretty cheap (20euro last time I got a service), I find music shops a little more expensive as they probably take it to the same guy and take a cut them selfs or else they do it after hours and like to make it worth their while. Getting your guitar looked at by a pro (unless you hnow exactly what your doing) can do wonders for its tone and playability definatly woth the few bucks ever now and then
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