I acquired the program, "Guitar Speed Trainer" two days ago. I just wanted to say how much it's helped me. I spent about 6 hours using the program over two days and the excersizes in it, they are awesome. I was having issues with my pinky being a little too stiff(I sorta messed it up in an accident... The accident being me hitting my hand on the wall as I turned the corner after the stairs...).

Just recently I had a reality check. A user here unintentionally gave me one.
He said, "When you think you are good at guitar, you stop practicing. If you think you are terrible you will strive to improve your skills." That's of course in my own words there, but he said something very close.
I realized that I was a shitty lead player. I sought out ways to get better and Guitar Speed Trainer was the light at the end of the tunnel for me.

I don't know what it was, after completing an excersize I couldn't do the day before(I spent at least one hour on it today with no breaks). I played the excersize about 300 times. When I was done my hour I had set aside I started fooling around, I noticed my hands had much better dexterity and I could move my pinky good. My fingers still can't move as fast as I want them to, but the program doesn't guarantee results in two days. I got good results in two days.

I feel that my passion for striving to be a great guitar player is back again.
I've decided to devote a minimum of two hours a day on practice, unless something happens like my guitar spontaneously combusts. I would get the message then.

Share your similar experiences here. I'm curious to hear other peoples revelations.
..I was watching my death.