I'm sure end of the day; I'm doing more good than harm... and more people will see if I say it here. Guitar Pro for iPod/iPhone/iPad is free for today.
Wow, you weren't kidding.
Does that last for today only though, or if you get it today you'll be able to use it until whenever?

Not that I will, I only have an iPod shuffle 1st gen.
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Based on how iStore works, I think you buy it today, you can use it forever. In fact, if you got an account but no iDevice, I'd say "buy" it anyway, in case you someday are able to use it...
if you turn the volume all the way up when you first open it up you can hear a chorus of angels singing.
Downloading o.o

edit: thanks op, not reporting you any time soon

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I have an iPad my university gave me, thanks for the heads up dude!

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The iPhone is only a player, right? I have it and didn't realise that when buying.
Awesome dude, now I need some sort of newer idevice but it'll be ready and waiting when I do
Yeah I think the iPhone Guitar Pro is only a player, afaik it doesn't have editing. Might be wrong though.
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Yeah, I use a Squier Strat.
Woah.. Thanks mate !!!!
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Everyone Bow Towards Op's Awesomeness! You Are A God!

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awesome TS well done
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XD not bad

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I must say, i love it!
Woo! Downloading.
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Thanks a ton; I'm glad I saw this thread, haha
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I'm downloading it now, even if I don't have an ipod/iphone/ipod yet.


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Fuck you I bought it
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What about Android?
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