ok i play a fender jazz through a fender bassman 210 250 watt amp ,my problem is that i find that when playing the E and A strings wether open or pressed down sound fine,nice and beefy tone..however when i play on the D and G strings the open notes sound fine but when i press down on notes they sound dull,flat and low in volume compared to the other strings....im assuming its my amp settings because i also have a kustom groove bass 600 and the whole thing sounds fine...im just looking for some advice on which way to go to rectify this problem...wether it be amp settings,pick up height..the strings are reasonably new as well
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Might be a problem with your action or the truss rod, i.e. the strings are too low.

+1 on the action
Prolly not the truss rod, that would affect the bass strings too. Could be a twist in the neck...

But you say that your other Kustom groove amp sounds ok?

How about when you play unplugged?

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A while back I was boggled because my bass side (E,A strings) were beefy and thumpy, but my treble strings sounds too guitary for my liking...it was really all in my head. I am not saying your imagining this; I don't know that, but a .105 string tuned to E and played open is in Octave Range 2 (e2) Your A is also in the 2nd Octave. The "treble" side D and G are in the 3rd Octave Range. Now string gauge has no effect on Octave Range but the resulting tension does.
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Two things:

1. Does either amp have a compressor on it that is on/off? Or do you use a compressor in a rack or as a pedal? Compressor settings could totally cause this.

2. What is the pickup height adjustment like on your bass? Is it possible you need to adjust your pickups to be a more even distance from all the strings? You should also know that you should compensate pickup to string distance according to what you hear. If one string is super fat back off the pickup slightly. If one is too weak, raise the pickup toward that string.

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the kustom amp doesnt have a compressor but the fender does,ive adjusted the pick up height on the bass and it seems to have done the trick,changed the strings to a slightly heavier gauge set of d'addario chromes which have a nice warm mellow bass tone which is more what im after,the ernie balls i had on it die quite quickly i realize that now...cheers guys