I have an Ibanez IJX121 and I'm looking at upgrading my pickups. I think new pickups are more in my budget than a new guitar. The guitar has two STD C Humbucker Pickups. This is the first time that I would be doing anything like this. I normally play whatever I have, but now I need a better sound and would like to stay away from just buying a new guitar. Where should I start?
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Yeah, new amp first.

If you're into metal (I assume you are, hence the metal jumpstart guitar. I own one as well, was my younger brothers but he gave up guitar quickly) the 5150 will be a great amp for you.

The IJX is just.. Terrible. Nothing more to it. It's one of the lowest quality instruments I have ever picked up or played. My first Ibanez GIO was miles ahead of this POS.

And even an Epiphone SG Special was way better. I really would suggest against getting sweet pickups for such a trashy guitar.