My friend old his bad Chinese LP and now he is going to buy all gear (guitar, amp, fx). He plays in the indie band. Suggestions? Ideas?
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He plays in THE indie band? Awesome.

Anyway, I'm guessing you want to know what kind of gear he should buy. 'Indie' is too broad. You could use any guitar, really. For amps, I guess a Vox AC would be nice. For FX: overdrive, maybe reverb/delay/wah?
I play in an indie band.

My gear:
Epiphone Les Paul Custom

Marshall Valvestate Stack 100 Watts

Electro Harmonix Cathedral (Reverb)
Boss DD3 (Digital Delay)
Electro Harmonix Small Clone (Chorus)
Digitech Whammy (Pitch Shifter)
Electro Harmonix Big Muff (Fuzz)
Fulltone OCD (Overdrive)
Marshall Vibrotrem (Tremolo)
Boss Tu-3 (Tuner)

My other guitarist:
Fender HSS Stratocaster
Fender Blackout Telecaster SSS

Orange Crush 50XBT (Bass amp)

Electro Harmonix Memory Man (Delay)
Ibanez Tubescreamer (Overdrive)
Boss DS1 (Distortion)
Electro Harmonix Holy Grail (Reverb)
Boss Tu-3 (Tuner)

Indie has no set sound. In my band, we love experimenting with sounds and reverb. Some indie bands are just guitar/amp whilst some have pedalboards the size of grandcanyon
Fender Jaguar 1994
Gibson Thunderbird

Fender Hot Rod Devile 4x12

Zvex Fuzz Factory
EHX Big Muff
Zvex Box of Rock
Joyo Tremolo
Digitech Whammy
EHX Cathedral
Boss DD3
Boss TU3
Indie is all synth man, well except indie folk. I have a Fender Mustang modulation amp so I can hit that perfect MGMT sound without a million pedals. I'm also thinking about getting a Roland synth pedal just so I can be rediciolusly indie.

Also get toe extensions and a Korg Synthesizer and play it with your feet.

Anyone ever see those guitars with the kossilators on the back of the, I think Muse uses them.

Also buy flannel, you can never have too much flannel.
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Anyone ever see those guitars with the kossilators on the back of the, I think Muse uses them.

They do. It's hardly indie though.
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I play with a Fender Jaguar through a Fender Deluxe.

I use a Big Muff, A Boss Tuner, and an Echo Park.

I try to keep things simple.

if you want you can hear how it sounds: http://weiscanyons.bandcamp.com/

this guy's setup is 2indie4u

Ac30, telecaster and a gt-10 for effects (i mainly use the verb/delays and they're damn good on the gt)

The guitar isn't very important. A good amp, a nice reverb and delay and maybe a nice overdrive and you're good for most 'indie' music though that is super vague.
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I play in an indie band, this is my set up:
Gibson Les Paul Studio Faded
Crybaby Wah
Hardwire Tuner
Hardwire Tube Overdrive
Danelectro Fab Chorus
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Sounds great for arctic monkeys/ strokes sound
hope that helps
I use a Fender Standard Stratocaster into a Vox AC30vr (Valve because I'm poor.)
I have the amps clean setting as equal bass/treble at about 1 o' clock.

At the moment I have:

ProCo RAT 2 (Light but Fuzzy Distortion)
MXR M-104 Distortion+ (Booster Pedal - Heavier & Fuzzier)
Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner

And I'm looking into getting the ElectroHarmonix Micro Stereo Pulsar for tremolo.

It gives a good Miles Kane/ (Early) Arctic Monkeys vibe, which works well.
One word, Jazzmaster. I'm playing...

Fender BT Jazzmaster
Schecter CSH-1 Semi-hollowbody (w/ p90 in the bridge)

Carvin MTS3200 (Not exactly "indie" but great with a little EQing)
Vox AC15

EHX Germanium OD
Fuzzhugger Phantom Ring
EHX Sovtek Big Muff Pi
MXR Fuzz face clone
Fuzzhuger Velcroar
Tokai TFL-1 Flanger
EHX Memory Boy
Ibanez DE-7
MXR 10-Band EQ (one of those old blue ones from the 70's)
ISP Noise Gate

Soooo, as people said there's no one sound. I recommend you find a fairly bright amp, or a mid-level one and get a decent EQ. Make sure you've got enough clean headroom, and think about getting a clean boost of some sort. I'd recommend a lighter OD, something that sounds nice and tight when you're playing chords.

If you're doing more spacey post-rockish stuff, a delay and reverb will be pretty much necessary. Look at analog delays, they can give you some really cool, "natural" tones. A chorus pedal may come in handy as well. A flanger is good if you want more of a cleanish post-punk sound (a la The Cure, etc.). Then if you're interested in the more psychedelic end of things, look at fuzz. I love fuzz! There's all sort of crazy stuff out there, and if you're feeling particularly saucy check out ring modulators.
The ProCo Rat is a good all-round distortion that can nail a lot of different indie tones (and there are a lot of them - are we talking My Bloody Valentine or The Libertines here?). A good delay is a must too, and tremolo is a surprisingly versatile effect.

In my band, the frontman tends to use a less distorted, brash sound, he uses a Jazzmaster -> Rat -> Boss DD-3 -> EHX Holy Grail and I do the crazy fuzz/noise/atmospheric stuff, I'm using a Telecaster -> FuzzHugger Arc Flash -> Devi Ever Shoegazer -> EHX Neo Clone -> Line6 DL-4 -> EHX Holy Grail.

As for amps, Vox and Fender tend to be the popular ones.

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I play a lot of "indie rock" stuff; most of the bands I've been in have been labeled that at some point or another. I do a lot of really noisy stuff and a lot of post-rock influenced stuff, though.

Chain from start to finish is S101 DHI-24 (Chinese ES-335 knockoff, better than any Epiphone out there and obscure so you get mad indie cred) -> Dunlop Crybaby -> Behringer SM200 -> Boss DS-1 -> DOD FX-86 -> EHX Big Muff (NYC) -> Zvex Fuzz Factory -> EHX Small Clone -> Ibanez FL99 -> Boss RE-20 -> Boss RC-2 -> Fender Blues Deluxe/Sunn Beta Lead

So, the general consensus I'm getting from this thread is this - Bright guitars, bright amps, and fuzz pedals.
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So, the general consensus I'm getting from this thread is this - Bright guitars, bright amps, and fuzz pedals.

I now (bass player in an indie band) play through my ipad as a pedalboard. On the odd occasion that I do play guitar I use:

Ibanex Gax30 or Luna Neo
My Ashdown 220 touring 112 Bass amp (to skint to buy a 'tar amp)
Ipad Amplitube set with:
No amp
Fender Tape Echo Pedal
Noise Filter
Overdrive/Distortion (Set very low, subtle tone shaping rather than really using the pedals.....)

Gives a bluesy sorta feel, but is very versatile.