For example:

Something nonsense bla bla,
Something woohoo me,
And I bla bla woohoo,
Because I bla me.

Will doing this reduce a song's meaning?

Because I wrote something like this, and I keep thinking that people will think that I am not original enough to come up with a different word.
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I'd try to avoid it, but it's not a huge deal really, as long as you don't do it in every verse.
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Because I wrote something like this, and I keep thinking that people will think that I am not original enough to come up with a different word.

Why do you care what they think?
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The meaning of the word changes in that context though. The first "masses" refers to a mass (a large amount) of generals. The second "masses" refers to a religious gathering, like Mass at a church. Witches would attend Black Masses as opposed to regular Masses.

That being said, I don't think that ending two lines with the same word is wrong. It can definitely sound bad and amateurish, but you can also make it work. It really depends on the context, the phrasing, the melody, and I suppose to some extent it also depends on the word.
I agree with Tasian; it is a situational sort of thing. Post the piece so that we can see exactly what you are talking about. Don't worry what people will think. That is what this forum is for...
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If you're using the same word twice and it has the same meaning, it can detract a little bit, but when you change the context or use another meaning or turn a word upside down... Thats hip, bro.

But I try HARD to avoid it, sometimes disregarding rhyming all-together to do so.
yea i dont like it, it sort of shows that you dont use a variety of words, kind of repetitive better to use something that still makes sense and rhymes.
Intentional repetition is powerful.
Unintentional repetition is not.
It depends whether you did it for effect or because you couldn't think of another word, although either annoy me slightly.

People get too hung up with rhyming in lyrics and poetry.

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Why do you care what they think?

Everyone cares what other people think of their work, anyone who says they don't is just trying and look cool and blasé.
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Everyone cares what other people think of their work, anyone who says they don't is just trying and look cool and blasé.

It's natural to care, but it shouldn't stop you from doing something. Especially not something as minor as what this topic is about.

If you avoid doing something with your songs (or any creative work really) just in case someone doesn't like it, then you're caring too much.
Commit to it. If you do it once in eight rhymes, it seems lazy, but if it's every rhyme in the piece, it seems intentional and powerful. That's how I see it anyway.
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In my opinion, it's very situational. It depends highly on the context, the word, the melody, the tone of the song, etc. I've heard it used effectively many times and I've heard it sound like shite just as often.
It might not be your bag, but bands like slipknot use a lot of repetition. It makes a song get stuck in your head. why do you think most choruses are the same.
points taken. if you want my opinion, i dont give shite whether i do or not, jus as long as it makes sense
It depends on the type of word, too. If it's a functional word - perhaps pronoun, for example, or a preposition - then it won't call much attention to itself. If it's a a general noun, a verb, a name, etc., then you should be more careful because then the repetition will call attention.

For example, I felt perfectly comfortable with "what can I say without taking the blame for it / what can I do without getting away with it?" What I had originally, though, was "what can I say without taking the blame/what can I do without getting blamed?" which is clearly not going to work (and that's why I changed it).
sometimes it depends on the word before it.
like, if it were...

......employ me
......destroy me

that might not be so bad because then it's not just the "me" that rhymes.
because otherwise, you're just using the same word twice.
theres quite a few songs that do it, i know this topics been drawn out some, but i can definitely say that like the black sabbath version above, or theres another one i remember figuring out a while back,

i listened to those songs a long time without paying attention to lyrics when i was younger, and never noticed that they ended with the same words because its done well.

i think if its done poorly it will be noticeable, but it can absolutely be done well, and people wont even think about it.

how? idk

i think if you get a song all written out and recorded, and no one mentions it, then who gives?