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I have a person in my life who I'd do anything for.
64 39%
I have a person in my life who I'd do many things for (post where the limit is)
56 34%
I don't have anyone in my life who I'd do anything for
27 17%
I don't have a life.
16 10%
Voters: 163.
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So does anyone remember that Simpsons episode where Homer borrows money from Patty and Selma, then some stuff happens and in the end he takes the blame of a crime from them because they are Marge's sisters and he does it for her? He says he'd do anything for Marge, even murder (and then asks her to tell him to kill), and that got me thinking:
I'm sure a lot of you have said "I'd do anything for you" to somebody, or at least felt that way about a person.

Did you really mean it? Would you do anything, even break the law to help that person? Would you sacrifice your life for that person?

I'm talking about non-family members here, that's a different story. It doesn't have to be a partner or lover, either. You might have a bro who you'd take a bullet for, or a sis who helped you through hard times who you'd give your life for.

Question is, and be honest about this, do you have a person in your life who you'd do anything for? And if so, do you mean really anything? Where would you draw the limit?
I'm not with my Ex anymore, but when I was I would have done pretty much anything for her. I'd draw the line at anything that's a felony, or anything that's breaking the law in a serious way.

Not anymore though.
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I don't know. I have a friend of mine (girl) who I've been extremely close with for 8 years, but 16. Would probably take a bullet for her if the situation required, but I'd do that for pretty much anybody I know.

I don't value my life much.
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I would do anything for my immediate family and wife. Of course take a bullet. If i have to kill someone so that one of them survives, I will unless that someone is a member of my family...or my wife.
I'd probably do most things for a lot of my friends, or even people I know. It gives me something to do.
I'd die for me
I fell asleep on my arm once, scariest thing that ever happened to me. I thought it was kill.

I know they would do the same for me.

Limit would probably be at something like murder or anything too stupid.

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what, to do things for your friends and loved ones?

I know, what fools everyone must be to bend the rules to help people you like!

Seriously though, this isn't just about dieing or killing for people, it's mostly about where you draw the line for things you'd do for other people.
When I say it, I'm usually joking. If a girl says "Wow, thanks for letting me using your pen!"
I usually respond with "I'd do anything for you."
I've never had a friend like that. I mean, I'd help most friends in a fight, but I certainly wouldn't sacrifice my life in order to save theirs. hell, I wouldn't do that for anyone.
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Used to have someone I'd die for but not anymore. I'd take a bullet for most of my friends and I'd kill to save a couple of them but thats about it.

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I would probably take a bullet for some people in my life... definatly not my family, 'cept maybe my sister. There's only one person I would give up anything and would do anything for (take a bullet, die for etc.)... I just wish there was a way I could prove it. I'm sure that everyone here also wants to express the same to at least someone in their life.
^^ Hahah, I'm just kidding.. or am I?

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quite a few people I would do pretty much anything for to help them. Within reason (e.g. if a friend went psycho and wanted someone dead for no good reason then no I wouldn't, but kill to save their life yeah)
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For family, I would do anything.
But I don't really have a friend that I could honestly say that to. I would draw the line at doing anything illegal.
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Quote by CoreysMonster
what, to do things for your friends and loved ones?

I know, what fools everyone must be to bend the rules to help people you like!

Seriously though, this isn't just about dieing or killing for people, it's mostly about where you draw the line for things you'd do for other people.

Oh okay. Well I still don't go massively out of my way. If you'd asked me this a few years ago then I would have said of course I'd die or kill or whatever for my girlfriend but at the moment I wouldn't really do anything for anyone that most people wouldn't do. Especially not the girl I'm seeing. I mean I do help friends out a hell of a lot, but I wouldn't really do anything exceptional.
I would do anything for my wife. Because I know her, I know there are some things she would never ask of me, but if she ever did, I would do them. If it came to it, I would die for her.
There's a couple family members and friends I'd really go out of my way to do things for in dire straits, but that's about it. Most of my friendships are rather shallow and superficial so if they all died in a freak bus accident it's no biggie.
There's only me.

Well of course I'll gladly help my friends and so on, but only as long as I get the satisfaction of knowing I did something good for them. The second I don't actually want to, I won't do it. It's kinda hard to describe.
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But I won't do that!

God damn it, I only came here to post that.
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I would do anything for my girlfriend
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I'd say yes, but I wouldn't ever do anything with a malicious intent, if I was risking jail/death I'd make sure it was within my morals or I thought it was right

Like I tell my actual brother..."You get into a fight that you started and are getting your ass kicked....don't expect me to jump in and save you....if you're being picked on, however, I'll set the person straight."
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I have almost done so before...and the fact that they now hate me makes me realize that the only person you should really do anything for is yourself, then others to a limit.
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Unless it's something "great dishonor" then yeah sure there are some people I'm willing to follow into the dark.
I used to be a prison guard. A job that almost requires you to be willing to die for public safety. Also had ONE Lieutenant that I would have followed into hell if he asked it of me.

Other that that, I don't have anyone else in my life I would die for except maybe my sister.
Depends on the situation though.

Dreadnought , I really really respect that level of commitment.
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I would die for or kill for my wife, unhesitatingly. I'd die for guys I go to war with.
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I'd kill anyone she says in a heartbeat for her. I'd die in a heartbeat if it meant preserving her.
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There are a few people I would gladly die for.

This. But that isn't everything. I wouldn't murder for someone.
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This. But that isn't everything. I wouldn't murder for someone.

To save someone?
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