I am having a Custom V(Gibson based) built, all Mahogany with Ebony Board. The body will be 1.75 to 2.0 thick with .25 flamed maple top. I am into all things Rock, I love the 80's and the more Modern sound the most. I am not so much into the Heavy Metal scene, but I guess that would depend on what someone's definition of metal is. I would say Ramstein, BFMV. Disturbed, and similar is about as heavy as I go. But AC/DC, Ozzy, Priest, and that group, then Alterbridge, WolfMother, Black Stone Cherry, Airbourne, Seether,Nickelback and that group is what I am into the most. I have a very, very, good tube amp that can get most of the tones, and for the heavier stuff I have to run effects. I want the sound to be tight/articulate/defined. I mainly am a rhythm player now, but as I progress I want to be proficient at both. What can you recommend?

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Gibson has some great sounding pickups, especially if you're going with the Custom V model. The current Flying V models are stocked with a 496R Hot Ceramic pickup in the neck position and a 500T Super Ceramic in the bridge which sound great. Personally I like the sound from Seymour Duncan pickups. I would go with the JB model in the bridge, it's great for rhythm playing but when you want to stand above with a lead solo its the perfect choice. These pickups will get that tight articulated sound and your amp should dial the amount of gain you need to match those artists sounds. Hope this helps a bit.
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You could definitely check the 'bay or craigslist for some used/removed Gibson pickups. That's a good bet. seymour duncan JB/59 is a really nice combo that probably excels at what you want to play. You could even get a hotter neck pickup if you want sizzling creammy leads - not too sure what though.

You could do EMG 81/60 for what you play as well, although many on here prefer SD Blackouts as active pickups.

Or if money isn't an object - call up the guy from BareKnuckle Pickups and find what he'd recommend for you.
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