I've been playing guitar for a few months now and can play all of the more basic chords in the first position (sus chords, sevenths, majors and minors) I can also play some easier bits that aren't chords but I'm not sure what I should practice doing now to help myself improve, can anyone suggest something?
Music theory.

This is what everyone else is going to say. Try learning some simple songs using those chords you know, learn some scales, maybe some modes and definately give theory a good bash. I wish i had, i've gone back to do it now and i've found i can play a lot better than i used to be able to!
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Keep practicing them until you find something that you want to learn yourself. You don't have to rush through it, especially if your learning by yourself.
Theory - start with the natural major and minor scales. Try to understand the concept of intervals. Teach yourself what are the three notes that create a major chord, and how is it different to the notes that create a minor chord. And so on.