I just got given a guitar found in someones attic or something ive been using a cheap catalogue classical guitar for about 6 months its 3 steel 3 nylon Hohner you can see on my profiile page.
But now ive been given a beautiiful black Hondo acoustic guitar thinner neck and all steel strings i love the tone its infinately better than the Hohner in sound but i was hoping someone here could help with info on this model.

Id never heard of Hondo before today and i could only find guitars close to teh model number on google or in fact anything about Hondo (google came up with like 4 results!)

so i was hoping i could get more information on tis exact model please from anyone who had or owns one or knows more than i could find out about it

its a 1981 Hondo HL124B also its inscribed the International Music Corporation

ive fallen in love with it as soon as i got it and the guitars older than I am! :P
also i know the guitars a budget remake of a martin and its not a great instrument but its so much better than what i was using and its also my first acoustic

Its black with gold tint steel strings white trim and a slightly longer neck than i had before the 14th fret is at the join from neck to body not the 12th

thanks anyone who can find out more than i could

EDIT: Unfortunately the 6th and sometimes the 5th fret have huge amounts of buzz at the bridge due to the plastic rest being cut too wide for teh string and it doesnt have its original head tuners ive doing my best to find out why or if they still have the originals aside form info about hondo or this model can anyone find out what woods its made from it has a lovely dark wood fret board and the sound board feels very solid thx!
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