The inspiration for this one came while re-reading the Harry Potter books. I was imagining Fred & George sneaking around with the Marauder's Map around Hogwarts castle, and decided to do something based on this title. (Sneaking Around)

C4C, leave a link to yours.

Here it is :

I'll crit as i listen -

cool music box thing. nice flute sound! the melodies intertwined well. nice build. the hi hat and ride kind of felt out of place. maybe do away with those? or it might make it sound empty. maybe change the rhythm around a little. love the part around 1:09.. i could feel the "suspense" haha. i like how your theme progressed through out the piece and the ending was just right. overall, great job! i write a lot of soundtrack and orchestral stuff myself. just curious, what vsti(s) did you use for this piece? it all sounded nice.

C4C? It's a soundtrack piece as well

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Wow, i had completely forgotten about this thread ! Sorry i didn't check earlier, but am gonna go over your threads right now.

chad120 -> I use a couple of vstis from EWQL : Symphonic Orchestra, Stormdrum and RA.

Thanks for the comments !
Sounds really nice, like someone said earlier, could easily been from the Potter movies, I think it easily makes the cut.

I like the music box thing, and also the very staccato feel of the song, makes it sorta tense to listen to, which is cool. Also how it builds on the main melody with the strings in the background (around :30-ish). I think I would have increased the volume of the instruments in the background during the interlude at about 1:00 tough, it felt a little "empty" right there.

Sounds all very well done to me, would be pro to hear it recorded with a real orchestra.
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Wow, that was really good, I enjoyed listening to it. The song definitely has that "harry Potter" feel to it. I love it.
Penn100 -> Thanks. For the 1:09 part, the instrument is a double basse ensemble, so if i increase the volume the bass level of the track will also rise, it messes the sound. :/

zincabopataurio -> thx !
i honestly didnt expect something like this. what program did you use dude? this is quite stunning. brilliant composure
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I use Fruity Loops and Audacity. And VST-wise, a couple from EWQL.

Thank you.
The main theme is great, but in some places with melody box the use of syncopation struck me as somewhat out-of-place and leading to a bit of a sense of dead space and lack of flow in the rythm. Nothing huge, but just a tad.

Love the discrete use of percussion! Great mix, too. Personally I didn't think the pizz. interlude felt empty at all, rather it added much welcome contrast and suspense to the piece.

I thought the ending, while nice in its tastefulness, could've used just a little something - a quiet "omph" from the basses on the 2nd beat of the final measure, or something like that.

It'd be terrific if you could check out any (or all, should you for some reason feel so inclined ) of the nocturnes here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1435475
descara -> that (syncopation) was done on purpose. ^^ for me it works in this piece.

BrickIsRed -> no. I've picked up the guitar 4 years ago and kinda learned by myself from there. Thanks !

I'll get to yours when i get back from uni tonight.
Excellent arrangement! Honestly belongs in a HP film! My main concern is that the music box sound sounds a little brittle; maybe a little EQ'ing (dull down above 16k maybe?) or perhaps a little more reverb on it, just to soften it up a little. Otherwise amazing work!
I think you got exactly what you were going for with this one! I don't really have any critiques on it, other than the ending seeming sort of unresolved. I wanted something a little bigger on the last beat or two, it felt like you just decided to stop right before the ending as it is now. Nice piece, though.
thanks !

Cyberbob -> I've tried but i'm still quite noob-ish in the EQ'ing department. >< Really need to get more into it.
I absolutely love this, I'm a sucker for these types of movie orchestral tracks.
Sounds very mysterious and dark in a comical way if that makes sense.
Percussion could have been brought up in the mix a bit more, would definitely make it sound better. The ending was a bit sudden, I feel like you could have made this song much bigger by suddenly adding other orchestral instruments in the mix.
Excellent work, I enjoyed the creepy mysterious vibe, especially during the silence (the break) when it is just the music box and then the violin comes in? sounds like tippy toes, or would be great for tippy toeing haha.
Portuguese_boy -> i didn't add more instruments on purpose. knowing myself, i would have easily drifted out of the "purpose" of the track. :P

thanks !
tough to say something at this point that hasnt already said so i left you a comment on the video itself and figured id post here too just to say hey i listened and hey its awesome. the stuccoes feel really makes it, as was said

since i didnt exactly give you a critique i feel bad asking but here's a c4c link if youre interested

i wont be offended at all if decide not to since i didnt say much, but its there if you want it
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