Let's see some of Paul McCartney's achievements first...

Paul McCartney - In the most successful band of all time (The Beatles)

Paul McCartney - Fastest ticket sales of all time (600 seats in 7 seconds) and (20,000 seats in eight minutes)

Paul McCartney - Has the most covered song of all time

Paul McCartney - Most successful songwriter of all time

Paul McCartney - Most successful Pop Music artist of all time


Alright now, the person who was hated on so much before he died and now everyone loves him, MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

Michael Jackson - Biggest selling album of all time

Michael Jackson - Biggest videeo of all time

Michael Jackson - (Here is a amazing one he did) HE HAD 28 HITS AT THE TOP 10!!! THAT WAS ONLY 1 LESS THAN THE BEATLES!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Jackson - Best dancer of all time

Okay, so the both did some amazing stuff. But who do you think is better?
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I can't help but feel that if this thread was aloud that it may be in the wrong forum anyway..

It is in the POP!!!
the eagles had 25

so really they are the best.
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